Gas Detector With Alarm (Oxygen & Combustible Sensor)

GAO Tek Gas Detector with built-in alarm enables technicians to detect various gases and is equipped with oxygen, toxic and combustible gas sensors.



GAO Tek`s portable gas detection is an alarming tool often known as toxic gas detector. This device is flexible and has the configuration of a gas detection alarming device. This instrument can be set up with oxygen sensors, combustible gas sensors, and toxic gas sensors. It can also test dangerous gases and timely give instructions to the operator for prevention. The device comes with various features such as a clear large LCD display, backlit lighting, sound, and light alarm. It is small, lightweight and made of high-quality materials. GAO Tekメs portable gas detection is excellent for using in testing environment air concentration of flammable gas and it is an efficient tool for avoiding gas leakage accidents.

Key Features

  • LCD Screen which displays number, character, instantaneous peak and average display.
  • Small, lightweight and convenient to carry
  • User-Friendly
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Security setup- Regular flash and voice reminder
  • Sound, light, and alarm
  • Self-checking function for batteries, sensors, sound and light alarm
  • Can support 1 to 4 types of gas detection

Technical Specifications

Sensor type electrochemical, catalytic combustion sensor
Alarm way voice alarm 90 dB (more than 3.94 in (10 cm) for p red LED light vibration alarm can be chosen
Data storage can store 64 set of data
Backlit have high brightness yellow backlit
Work mode even the renewal work (flammable gas can work continuously 12 hours)
Response time ?40s
Shape dimension 4.33 x 2.16 x 0.98 in (11�5.5�2.5 cm)
Heavy quantity 0.44 lbs (200gᅠ)
Temperature range -4F~41F(?20? ? 5?)
Humidity range 0 ~ 95% (RH) no condensation