Gas Detector with Alarm (Oxygen, Toxic, Harmful, Flame)



GAOTek Gas Detector with Alarm effectively detects concentration of oxygen and toxic, harmful or flammable gas with wide measuring range and high accuracy.

Key Features

  • Single gas detection, sound/light/vibration alarms
  • Segment encoding LCD display
  • Backlight setting is available
  • Self-test during starting up
  • Setting upper/lower alarm points, STEL and TWA is also inclusive for toxic gases
  • Adjustable calibration concentration, facilitating users for calibration
  • Modifiable user passwords, providing users with operation protection
  • Large-capacity lithium battery with very long standby time
  • Real-time clock setting function
  • Setting of the silencer
  • Alarm sounds at different frequencies under different alarm conditions
  • Manual cancellation of vibration alarms
  • Automatic battery detection and undervoltage indication

Technical Specifications

Parameters Characteristics
Detected Gas flammable gases,

oxygen gas and many kinds of toxic & harmful gases.(Please refer to the Lectotype table)

Sampling Method Diffusion
Measurement Principle Electrochemical(oxygen and toxic gases)

Catalytic combustion(flammable gases)

Infrared principle(carbon dioxide gas)

Response Time (CO2<10s)、(O2、flammable gases<20s)、(CO 、H2S 、SO2、CL2、NO、CLO2、NO2、H2<30s)、(HCN、NH3、PH3<100s)
Detection Error ±5%F.S
Operation Mode Touch push-keys
Display Mode LCD display
Working Temperature -4F – 131F (-20℃~55℃)
Environment Humidity 0~95%RH(non condensation)
Storage Temperature 32F-104F (0℃~40℃)
Power Supply Rechargeable lithium battery, continuously work for over 24 hours.
Battery 4.2V lithium battery ,1700mA/h
Dimension 4.92in x 2.60in x 1.65in

(125×66×42 mm)

Weight 0.23lbs (105g)
Certification of Explosion Protection ExiaII CT3
Calibration Mode Optional calibrating cap to facilitate calibration by users.


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