Gas Detector with Probe (Toxic/Combustible/Oxygen Gases)



GAOTek Gas Detector with Probe is a light-weight device for detecting concentration of toxic, combustible, oxygen and etc. gases with built-in air pump.

Key Features

  • Small size, light weight and durable
  • Adopt embedded 16-bit microprocessor, ensure that the product is in stable and reliable operation.
  • Visual, audible, vibration alarm.
  • Large display screen, easy operation.
  • Self-test function.
  • 1000 alarm records storage.
  • Save and restore the factory setting function.
  • External flexible probe(Optional) for combustible gas only.
  • Embedded air pump(Optional).

Technical Specifications

Gas detection Single gas(Toxic gas, combustible gas or oxygen)
Sensor Catalytic combustion type, electric chemical sensors (with temperature compensation), the PID sensor
Response time T90<30s
Operating temperature -4F ~ 122F (-20℃ to 50℃ )
Humidity 5-90%RH no condensation
Display LCD
Alarm Flicker, three color LED warning lamp, LCD display, 90dB pulse output, vibration.
Power supply 7.2V rechargeable Li-ion battery
Sampling method Built-in pump or probe optional
Enclosure Strong, durable and shockproof
Calibration One-click automatic calibration and automatic zero, multi-point calibration can be performed manually
Data logging 1000
Dimension 8.94in x 2.80in x 1.38in

(227mm x 71mm x 35mm )

Weight 0.49lbs ( 220g )


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