Gas Detector with Pump (Toxic/Combustible/Oxygen Gases)



GAOTek Gas Detector with Pump is a light-weight device for detecting concentration of toxic, combustible, oxygen and etc. gases with built-in air pump.

Key Features

  • Small size, light weight and durable
  • Adopt embedded 16-bit microprocessor; ensure that the product is in stable and reliable operation.
  • Visual, audible, vibration alarm.
  • Chinese or English menu is optional.
  • Large display screen, easy operation.
  • Self-test function.
  • 1000 rm records storage.
  • Save and restore the factory setting function.
  • External flexible probe (Optional) for combustible gas only.
  • Embedded air pump (Optional).

Technical Specifications

Gas detection Single gas(Toxic gas, combustible gas or oxygen)
Sensor Catalytic combustion type, electric chemical sensors (with temperature compensation), the PID sensor
Response time T90<30s
Operating temperature -4F ~ 122F (-20℃ to 50℃ )
Humidity 5-90%RH no condensation
Display LCD
Alarm Flicker, three color LED warning lamp, LCD display, 90dB pulse output, vibration.
Power supply 7.2V rechargeable Li-ion battery
Sampling method Built-in pump or probe optional
Enclosure Strong, durable and shockproof
Calibration One-click automatic calibration and automatic zero, multi-point calibration can be performed manually
Data logging 1000
Dimension 8.94in x 2.80in x 1.38in

(227mm x 71mm x 35mm )

Weight 0.49lbs ( 220g )


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