Gas Detector with Toxic and Oxygen (Three Ways of Alarm)



GAOTek Gas Detector with Toxic and Oxygen detects concentration of toxic and oxygen gases, supports audible, visual, and vibration alarm mode.

Key Features

  • Smart, light, compact, easy to carry.
  • Reliable and durable fixed life by original imported sensor, and the sensor and battery is replicable
  • With temperature-compensation.
  • Three ways for alarm: audible alarm(>85db alterable sound alarm),visual alarm(wide-angled red and blue LED flash and visual from a distance), and vibration(various frequency alarm indicates different alarm grades in the noisy surroundings)
  • IP66 design for water- dust proof
  • Low, high alarm limit, TWA and STEL are adjustable.
  • Advanced self-test of complete functions automatically when switched on
  • Heartbeat detecting and with single lithium battery for 2 years normal work.

Technical Specifications

Detect gas toxic gas and oxygen
Accuracy 3% F.S
Response time T90<30s
Operating temperature -22F – 122F(-30 ~ + 50 degree)
Humidity <95%RH non-condensing
Voltage DC3.6V Single lithium battery (primary battery)  900mAh
Working period stand-by time is more than 2years
IP Grade IP66
Net weight about 90g
Dimension 3.77in x 1.97in x 0.87in

(96 mm×50mm×22mm)

Alarm indication > 85dB the higher of buzz frequency, thehigher gas concentration is
Explosive Grade Ex ia II CT4


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