Gas Purity Analyzer with Thermal Conductivity Sensor




GAOTek Gas Purity Analyzer with Thermal Conductivity Sensor effectively measures the content of random one gas of two mixture gases with high precision.

Key Features

  • Thermal conductivity sensor with high stability and high precision
  • Full-range temperature compensation, quick response, high precision and steady performance
  • Real-time curve display
  • Operation and control by color touch screen
  • Storage and printing of measured data
  • Intelligent display of electricity quantity and intelligent charging protection

Technical Specifications

Measurement range  90~100% H2(Air) Typical accuracy ±0.1%

0~100% CO2(Air)

0~100% CO2(H2


Precision  ±2%F.S
Repeatability ≤±1%F.S
Response time  T90 ≤15 seconds
Flow    0~2SCFH(1SCFH≈500mL/min)


Working flow  0.8~1.2SCFH
Power supply  built-in lithium battery (8000mAh), AC/DC
Using time  >10 hours
Charging time  over 6 hours (with automatic charging protection)
Digital output RS232 USB2.0
Environment temperature -4F-122F  (-20~50℃)
Humidity  ≤95%
Dimensions     10.75in x 10.12in x 5.63in

(273 mm×257 mm×143 mm)

Weight   12.79lbs  (about 5.8Kg)


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