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handheld laser source
handheld laser source

GAOTek Handheld Laser Source


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GAOTek Laser Source can support stable laser signal on many kinds of wavelength. It can identify fiber, test fiber loss and continuity accurately and help to evaluate transmission quality of fiber chain as well. It supplies high performance laser source for field test and lab project development. With features of durable structure, large LCD display with backlight and friendly operation interface, this handheld optical light source provides a lot of convenience for your field work. High stability of output power and quite stable output wavelength, it is an ideal instrument for optical network installation, trouble shooting, maintenance and other optical fiber related systems. It can be widely operated for LAN, WAN, CATV, remote optical network, etc.

Key Features

  • Handheld, easy to operate
  • Two to Four wavelength optional
  • Continuous light, modulated light output
  • Output double wavelength or three wavelengths through single tie-in
  • Output three or four wavelength through double tie-in
  • High stabilization
  • Auto 10 minutes shut off function
  • Big LCD, intuitive, easy to use
  • LED backlight switch on/off
  • Auto close back light in 8 seconds
  • AAA dry battery or Li battery
  • Battery voltage display
  • Low voltage checking and shut off to save energy
  • Automatic wavelength identification mode (with the help of corresponding power meter)

Technical Specifications

Emitter type FP-LD/DFB-LD
Output wavelength switch (nm) GAO-VLS-110-A Wavelength: 1310 ± 20 nm, 1550 ± 20 nm
GAO-VLS-110-B Wavelength: 1310 ± 20 nm, 1550 ± 20 nm, 1490 ± 20 nm
GAO-VLS-110 -C Wavelength: 1310 ± 20 nm, 1550 ± 20 nm, 850 ± 20 nm, 1300 ± 20 nm
GAO-VLS-110-D Wavelength: 1310 ± 20 nm, 1550 ± 20 nm, 1625 ± 20 nm
GAO-VLS-110-E Wavelength:1310 ± 20 nm, 1550 ± 20 nm, 650 ± 20 nm
multi mode: 850 ± 20 nm, 1300 ± 20 nm
Spectral width (nm) ≤ 5
Output optical power (dBm) ≥-7, ≥ 0 dBm(customized),650 nm ≥ 0 dBm
Optical Output Mode CW continuous light

Modulization output: 270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 330 Hz

—AU automatic wavelength identification mode (It can be used with the help of corresponding power meter, red light doesn’t have automatic wavelength identification mode)

650 nm red light: 2 Hz and CW

Power Stability (dB) (Short time) ≤± 0.05/15 min
Power Stability (dB) (Long time) ≤± 0.1/5 h
Working temperature 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C)
Storage temperature 14 °F to 158 °F (-10 °C to 70 °C)
Weight 0.48 lbs (0.22 kg)
Dimensions   6.29 in × 2.99 in × 1.10 in (160 mm × 76 mm × 28 mm)
Battery 2 pieces AA dry battery or Li battery, LCD display
Battery working duration (h) dry battery about 15 hours


  1. Power On/Off
  • Press “On” key 2 seconds to start the equipment. LCD displays operating wavelength, battery voltage and modulation state. When you open the device, it works on 1310 nm wavelength and continuous light output state; press “off” key 2 seconds to close the equipment. The system defaults auto-shutdown, auto shutdown logo is displayed on the screen.
  • Open and turn off the automatic shutdown function: Press “off” button on the screen, auto-off mark disappear, which shows the automatic shutdown function is closed; and then press “off” button, automatic shutdown logo  is displayed on the screen at this time has indicated that the automatic shutdown feature open. If there is no operation for 10 minutes, the equipment will automatically shutdown.
  1. Wavelength switch function

Press “λ” button when power on, you can switch different wavelengths, and LCD screen displays the different output wavelength.

  1. Modulation output

Press the “Mode” button, you can achieve the modulated light 270Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 330Hz, 650nm red light 2Hz, —AU automatic wavelength identification mode (It can be used with the help of corresponding power meter, red light doesn’t have automatic wavelength identification mode), continuous light output. At the same time, on the LCD screen the equipment will show the corresponding modulation frequency of the state.

  1. Backlight

Press “” button to turn the backlight on or off. When the backlight is on, the sign  will display on the screen, otherwise this sign disappear.  If the backlight is in a closed state, the operation of any function key will open the 8 seconds’ backlight except pressing “on” button.

  1. Under-voltage

When the battery voltage is low, the power indicator become , when the battery voltage is lower than warning voltage, the equipment will alarm “Low voltage” every 20 seconds. When the battery voltage is lower than protection voltage, it will be in auto turn-off state. The equipment should be charged in time, charging time is about 4 to 6 hours, please observe the charger, if the charging indicator light becomes from red to green, which means the battery is full.

  1. Clean

When the equipment is not in use, the user should immediately cover the dust cap to keep the adapter clean.

Faults & Solutions

The instrument cannot be switched on  The battery is under low voltage  Charge the battery at once
No optical  power output The earthen core of the connector is broken  Replace the


The optical power is decreased Connector and the inner light caudal fiber earthen core are dirty Clean the earthen core using absorbent cotton with alcohol


  1. Advertent Items

Please pay attention to the followings in order to keep the performance of the instrument and prolong its service time.

  • The instrument should be avoided of mechanical oscillation, collision, fall off and any other mechanical damage.
  • The light output connectors should be avoided the touch of the hard objects, dirty objects, acid, alkali and other caustic objects. Please cover the dustproof cap to avoid the dust and other bad chemical objects.
  • Please clean the fiber jumper earthen port using alcohol and operate it after the alcohol is air-dry.
  • It is forbidden that the user looks at the light output end directly when you operate the instrument to avoid the light burn the eye and skin.
  • Clean the ceramic core regularly
  • The battery should be taken out if the instrument is out of operation for a long while, otherwise, the service time of battery will be affected.

Attention: The light source maybe hurt to eyes, so it is forbidden that the user looks at the light output end directly when you operate the instrument in order to avoid the light burn the eyes!

Note: If you use dry battery, do not recharge the battery. That is dangerous!

Additional Information

Weight 0.48 lbs

GAO-VLS-110-A (1310/1550nm), GAO-VLS-110-B (1310/1550/1490nm), GAO-VLS-110 -C (1310/1550/850/1300nm), GAO-VLS-110-D (1310/1550/1625nm)

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