Hardness Tester with Forged Steel Material (NI-MH Battery)



Key Features

1.Large screen(128×64 dot matrix LCD), showing all functions and parameters.

2.Test at any angle, even upside down.

3.Support “forged steel (Steel)” material, when using the D/DC impact device test “forged” sample, can read HB value directly, without the need for manual checking table.

4.Wide measuring range. It can measure the hardness of all metallic materials. Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HRA, HV, HB, HS, HL and three types of strength values immediately.

5.Seven impact devices are available for special application. Automatically identify the type of impact devices.

6.Large capacity memory could store 600 groups (Relative to average times32~1 ) information including single measured value, mean value, testing data, impact direction, impact times, material and hardness scale etc.

7.Upper and lower limit can be preset. It will alarm automatically when the result value exceeding the limit.

8.Battery information indicates the rest capacity of the battery and the charge status.

9.User calibration function.

10.USB port with the PC humanity multi-functions data proceeding software.

11.Original imported high speed thermal printer support the immediate printing function. It can save data permanently.

12.NI-MH rechargeable battery as the power source. Charge circuit integrated inside the instrument. Continuous working period of no less than 200 hours (EL off and no printing).

13.Auto power off to save energy.

14.Industrialized housing design, sturdy, compact, portable, high reliability, suitable for harsh operating environment, vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference.

15.Excellent after-sale service system for high quality products—two years’ guarantee and all life maintenance. Easy to buy and comfortable to use.


Technical Specifications

Measuring range HLD (170-960),HRC (17.9-69.5),HB (19-683),HV (80-1042),HS (30.6-102.6),HRA(59.1-88),HRB (13.5-101.7)


Measuring direction 360°
Hardness Scale HL、HB、HRB、HRC、HRA、HV、HS
Display dot matrix LCD,128×64 dots
Data memory 500 groups max.(relative to impact times 32~1)
Battery pack 6V NI-MH


Battery charger 9V/500mA.
Continuous working period about 200hours
Communication interface USB2.0
Dimensions: (host).



8.2 x 3.3 x 1.7 in (210 x 85 x 45mm)
Weight 1.3 lbs.(about 0.6kg)


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