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GAOTek Hygrometer with Temperature (Data Logger, Dual Input)

ID: GT00X100ZU



GAOTek Hygrometer with Temperature (Data Logger, Dual Input) is designed with built-in probe and built-in memory for 16000 data points. This meter supports the K-type sensor.The sampling period is programmable and there is a real time clock in the device. Users can easily operate the Windows based software that comes with each unit. This high-performance device features an RS232 output port, interface software and cable which helps the user to download the data for analysis or control the instrument in real-time from their personal computer.

Key Features

  • Hold function
  • Auto Power off
  • Triple display
  • Clock function
  • MAX/MIN function
  • Dual input
  • Supports Datalogger. records up to 16000 data points
  • PC interface

Technical Specifications

Humidity Range 0 % ~ 100 % RH
Humidity Accuracy ±2.5% RH
Temperature Range
Built-in Probe (T1) -4 °F ~ 140 °F (-20 °C ~ 60 °C)
K-type Input (T2) -328 °F ~ 2498 °F (-200 °C ~ 1370 °C)
Temperature Accuracy
Built-in Probe ±1.4 °F, ±0.7 °C
K-type Input 0.3% + 2 °F (-16.67 °C),

±0.3% + 33.8 °F (1 °C)

Input Protection 60 V DC or 24 Vrms AC Maximum
Data Output RS-232
Power Requirements Battery: one 9 V

AC adapter: 8 V DC/ 10 mA minimum

Weight 0.70 lbs (320 g)
Operating Humidity 0 % to 90 % (non-condensing
Storage Humidity 0 % to 80 % (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature 32 °F ~ 122 °F (0 °C ~ 50 °C)
Storage Temperature 14 °F ~ 140 °F (-10 °C ~ 60 °C)

Standard Accessories

  • Battery
  • K Type Bead Sensor x 1
  • RS232 or USB cable
  • Software
  • User manual
  • Carrying case
Input Channel Dual
Humidity Accuracy ± 2.5% RH
K Type Sensor Yes
PC Interface Yes
Software Yes
CLOCK Function Yes
TIMER Function Yes
HOLD Function Yes
MAX/MIN Function Yes
Auto Power Off Yes

Symbol Definition and Button Location

°C/°F: Centigrade and Fahrenheit indication
%RH: Relative Humidity indication
MAX: Maximum value is displayed
MIN: Minimum value is displayed
  : This indicates auto power off is enabled
H      : This indicates auto power is enabled
m-d : Month and day
h:m : Hour and minute
Y         : Year
: Battery is not sufficient for proper operation
REC: This indicates the tester is recording. If it blinks, it indicates the memory is full
K         : Thermocouple type indication

Button Location

  1. Dust mask
  2. Sensor probe
  3. T2 channel, “K” type thermocouple probe input
  4. LCD display
  5. ON/OFF button
  6. Time display button
  7. Record control button
  8. MAX MIN function control button
  9. HOLD button
  10. °C, °F control button
  11. K type offset calibration screw
  12. Digital output connector (RS-232)
  13. AC power adapter connector
  14. Tripod connector
  15. Battery cabinet cover

Operating Instructions

Power-Up: Press the power button to turn the Humidity Temperature Meter ON or When powered on, the LCD will show how much memory space is available to use. For example, it indicates that there are 16,000 records memory space available.

Humidity and Temperature Measurement: For measurement, place the sensor probe in the test environment.
Connecting the Thermocouples (T2 channel): For measurement, plug the thermocouple probe into the input connector.
Selecting the Temperature Scale: When the meter is first powered on, the default scale setting is set at Celsius (°C) scale. The user may change it to Fahrenheit (°F) by pressing “°C/°F” button and vice versa to Celsius. Next time you power on, the scale setting will be the same as which when you powered off last
Data-Hold Operation: The user may hold the present reading and keep it on the display by pressing the “HOLD” button. When the held data is no longer needed, one may release the data-hold operation by pressing “HOLD” button again. When the meter is under Data Hold operation, the “MAX MIN” and “°C/°F” button are disabled (when you press “°C/°F” and “MAX MIN” button in HOLD mode, there will be two continuous beeps). To exit the MAX/MIN mode, one may press and hold “MAX MIN” button for two seconds.
Data Logger: When pressing the “REC” button, the meter will start recording, pressing the “REC” button again will stop recording, If you want to clear the memory, power off the meter, then press and hold “REC” button and then press power button, then release all buttons, then LCD will show “CLR” to clear the memory.

Clock Setup

  • Press and hold “MAX MIN” button and then power on the meter.
  • Press “TIME” (clock).
  • Press “REC” ▲ or “°C/°F” ▼ to increase or decrease the number, press “TIME”(clock) to adjust next item. The adjusting order is year-month-day-hour-minute, then press “TIME” (clock) to finish adjusting. If you want abort during a setup process, press power button to cancel.

Recording Interval Setup:

  • Press and hold “MAX MIN” button and then power on the meter.
  • Press “HOLD”(INTV).
  • Press “REC” ▲ or “°C/°F” ▼ to increase or decrease the number, press “HOLD” (INTV) to adjust next item, then press “HOLD” (INTV) to finish. If you want abort during a setup process, press power button to cancel.

Time Operation: When pressing the “TIME” button, the LCD will display time, it will show year on top of the LCD, show month and day on the left bottom of the LCD, show hour and minute on the right bottom of the LCD. Press “TIME” button or any other button to exit this mode. This operation will not interrupt the recording and “MAX MIN” operation.
MAX/MIN Operation: When pressing the “MAX MIN” button the meter will enter the MAX/MIN mode. Under this mode, the maximum value/minimum value is kept in the memory simultaneously and updated with every new data point. When the MAX symbol is displayed, the Maximum is shown on the display. Press “MAX MIN” again, then the MIN symbol is on the display and the minimum reading is displayed. Press “MAX MIN” again, MAX, and MIN will blink together. This means that all data is updated in the memory and the reading is the present temperature. One may press “MAX MIN” to circulate the display mode among these options. When the meter is under “MAX MIN” operation, “ °C/°F ” button is disabled (when you press “ °C/°F ” button in “MAX MIN” mode, there will be two continuous beeps). To exit the MAX/MIN mode, one may press and hold “MAX MIN” for two seconds.
Auto Power Off: By default, when the meter is powered on, it is under auto power off mode. The meter will power itself off after 30 minutes if no key operation and no RS232 communication and no recording. The combination of power on can disable auto power off. One may press and hold “HOLD” button and then power on the meter and there will be two successive beeps to indicate that auto power off is disabled and the will not show up.

Low Battery Condition: When the battery voltage is under proper operation requirement, the battery symbol will show on the LCD and the battery needs to be replaced with new one.
Digital Output:

The Digital Output is a 9600 bps N 81 serial interface.

Setup Test Link (Humidity Data Logger) – RS232 Interface Software
The Test Link package contains:

  • Two 3.5” floppy disk
  • Custom designed RS232 cable for Test Link.

System Required: Windows 95 or Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0.
Minimum Hardware Required: 486-100 MHz PC compatible, or above 16 MB RAM; At least 5 MB hard disk space available to install Test Link program. Recommended display resolution is 800 x 600 pixels or above.

Install Test Link:

  1. Close all other application before installing Test Link.
  2. Insert setup diskette 1 to floppy disk drive A.
  3. Choose the Start button on the Taskbar and select Run.
  4. Type A:\SETUP and choose OK, then it will copy TestLink.exe (executable file) and help file to your hard disk (default is c:\program files\Test Link).

Run Test Link
Select Test Link form “START” of Windows, the below figure will show

Real Time Tabular and Real Time Graph.
Select Run from menu or press  “►” button from the tool bar to begin real time data collection from humidity meter. You can change the data interval by editing the sampling rate box on the right-hand side of tool bar.

Select Datalogger from the menu to load recorded data from the device. There will be a progress bar showing how many bytes should be loaded and how many bytes have been received. When data is loaded successfully, there will be three new window show up.

Data Sets Window – Display how many data sets were loaded and the detail information for each data set (start date, start time, recording rate and data length), and you can click on any data set to choose the set for graph and tabular Window.

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