Industrial Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector (High Precision, Compact)


Key Features

  • High Precision and Reliable NDIR principle
  • Diffusion type sampling method
  • Display of gas concentration value
  • Dual range for higher concentration of methane gas
  • Two levels of alarm settings
  • Audio visual alarm indications
  • Auto zero setting with air
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Compact and light weight

Technical Specifications

Measuringᅠprinciple NDIR
Measuringᅠrange 0~5000ᅠppmᅠᅠᅠ0~10%ᅠvol
Resolution 10ᅠppmᅠinᅠtheᅠrangeᅠ0~5000ᅠppm


Accuracy +2%ᅠFS
Responseᅠtime 25ᅠsecsᅠatᅠ250C
Workingᅠtemp 0~400C
Pressure 86~106ᅠkPa
Humidity 95%
Storageᅠtemp ᅠ-40F-158Fᅠ (-40~70C)
Powerᅠsupply 3.7V,ᅠ1.3Ahᅠlithiumᅠbattery
Dimensions 3.66in x 2.44in x 0.98in


Weight 0.33lbsᅠ (150g)


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