Industrial Tablet PC with Bar-code Scanner (Glass Panel)

This Rugged Industrial Tablet PC with Bar Code Scanner (Glass Panel) has a unique feature of barcode scanning and comes with google play with processor frequency of 4.4 core, 1.2 GB




GAOTek Industrial Tablet PC with Barcode scanner (Glass Panel) is an 8” outdoor dual OS industrial rugged window/android tablet PC which supports windows 10 having android 4.4 dual systems. It supports all size of USB and connectors and also supports docking charger and docking extensions. This advanced industrial-grade mobile information terminal can be widely used in mobile informatization projects of various industries.

Key Features

  • Support Windows 10/Android 4.4 dual system
  • Support all sizes of USB 2.0 connector
  • Support docking charger docking extension
  • Support NXP NFC (13.56 M)
  • Support GPS Navigation
  • Support 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • Rugged IP67 protection level
  • Support Dragontrail glass touch panel
  • Support Wrist strap

Technical Specifications

Product Type

Rugged Tablet

Dimensions 8.9 in x 5.7 in x 0.65 in (228 mm x 147 mm x 16.5 mm)
Weight Device: 1 lbs (630 g)


Device Color Black + Silver, rear panel: silver, front panel: black)
LCD size 8“  16:10  Model
Resolution 800 x 280 IPS
Brightness 320 Nit
Touch Panel 0 point capacitive, G+G dragontrail glass, Rigidity: 7H above, anti-scratch, TP thickness: 1.1 mm, COF, support handwriting
Front Camera 2.0 MP with indicator
Rear Camera 5.0 MP
Speakers(Built-in) 8 Ω/0.8 W waterproof speaker x 1
Mic (Built-in) sensitivity:-42db, output resistance:2.2 kΩ
Battery Lithium-ion polymer

Battery, dimension:1.69 in x 3.50 in x 3.38 in (43 mm x 89 mm x 86 mm)

Capacity 3.7 V/8500 mAh
Endurance 8 hrs (default 50% volume, default 200 nit brightness, play 1080P HD Video)
Product Reliability
Drop Height 1.2 m composite wood floors, in operation status
Operating Temperature -4 °F to 140 °F (-20 °C to 60 °C)
Storing Temperature -22 °F to 158 °F (-30 °C to 70 °C)


Humidity 95 % Non-Condensing
System Hardware Configuration
CPU Type Intel Bay trail-T (Quad-core), Z3735 F
Speed 1.33 Ghz-1.8GHz
GPU Type Intel® HD Graphics
G_sensor Gravity acceleration sensor
Internet Connections
WIFI Module WIFI 802.11(a/b/g/n)  Frequency: 2.4G + 5.8G dual band WIFI
Bluetooth BT4.0 (BLE) class 1 transmission distance:10m
3G IC:H350-A50-10 bands: WCDMA(900/2100MHz)  GSM(900/1800MHz), HSDPA 21Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 21 Mbps
GPS U-blox NEO-7,support:GLONASS,QZSS,GPS;Capture sensitivity:-160 dBm; cool startup:<30s,hot startup:<28s,frequency:0.25 Hz …10 MHz (configurable)

Applications of the device

  • Logistics
  • Medical Treatment
  • Electrical Power
  • Gas Inspection
  • Purchasing Fair

Basic Operations

  1. Sleep, restart and power off

Windows operating instructions of special function module

1. U-blox GPS

  • Copy u-blox test tool to desktop.

  • Use power control tool and make it power on

  • Open the software, chose receiver, and chose port again, click COM1.
  • In the same way for receiver, chose Baudrate, click 9600.

  • As below picture, double click the satellites model picture to enlarge

  • The blue colors are the satellites that searched, green color are effective satellites. The numbers in the right are signal value

2. 1D module operation

  • Copy the serial assistant ( SPU) on the desktop
  • Use power control tool and make it power on

  • Install the opened software, chose corresponding serial port, Baud rate choose 9600.
  • Click start key, press the scanner key on the PAD and start to scan.
  • After the scan is successful, the result will show on the frame automatically

3. 2D module operation

  • Use power control tool and switch on the power

  • Create a text document
  • Open the text document, click the blank place, press the scan key on the PAD and start to scan
  • The result of scanner will show automatically.

Android operating instructions of special function module

Note: Please allow installation of unknown source before software installation

Check: Setting—security- unknown source

  1. NFC Module operation
  • Copy NFC testing software on the local
  • Click install, and open
  • Put NFC card on the induction area
  • OK!Read information, OK!
  1. GPS Module operation
  • Copy GPS testing software on the local
  • Click install, and open
  • See the GPS status shows off on the top left corner. Click off and enter into set interface

  • Open the switch on the top right corner, and chose agree again
  • Choose mode, click device only
  • Finally return GPS main interface. GPS Status shows on
  • In open field and waiting for 1 min and check if there is a satellite

(8). Wait for 3 mins and check if satellites value, quantity meet standard

  1. 1D Module operation

Open testing software will have operating instruction as below:

  1. Copy scans testing software to local.
  2. Click installs, and it opens.
  3. Chose ttyUSB0 on the serial port node, chose 9600 or 115200 on Baud rate options, shows HEX.
  4. Click Serial port operation open options, press Scan key on Pad to scan relevant barcode.
  5. After that it successfully shows the right characters on the frame.


     4. 2D Module operation

  1. Copy scans code testing software to local.
  2. Click installs and opens.
  3. Click the frame in the below, press the scan key and aim at the barcode which need to scan.
  4. After scanning successfully, will show the right characters on the below frame.
  5. Also press scanner key to scan directly and will show as below:

  1. If scanner cannot work, you can try scan the below USB switch code.


  1. Scanning: There is a scanning button
  2. Power button: To start or close touch screen panel. You can also let the computer to sleep or wake up from hibernation mode
  3. Voice sound
  4. -/ voice sound+: Reduce/increase the volume
  5. One-dimensional code scanner/ two-dimensional code scanner: To support one/ two-dimensional code scanning
  6. Earphone Jack: The jack support outputs the audio signal to a loudspeaker or Headset
  7. HDMI interface: High-Definition Multimedia, Interface, high definition multimedia interface
  8. USB port: Full Size USB
  9. USB port: Micro USB
  10. Charging interface: Charging the tablet via DC adapter
  11. Front camera: Camera, video
  12. IM card slot: Support WCDMA3G mini 3G
  13. TF card slot: Support TF card
  14. Rear camera: Camera, video
  15. Speaker: Built-in speaker, so you can hear the sound without additional link equipment
  16. The docking interface: To support docking station


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