Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (16GB SD,Laser Indication)




The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (16GB SD, Laser Indication) integrates surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal images. The traditional infrared thermometer needs to measure every component one by one, while it is not necessary for the Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. The potential problems may be displayed on the color display screen clearly. This is helpful for users to locate the measurement cursor of the central point quickly and measure the temperature, thus saving time.

The thermal images and full vision images can be stored in the detachable memory card. The image can be exported or imported to a PC, and then you can generate a report or print the images and data. The product can be used for various applications such as medical treatment, firefighting, archeology, traffic, agriculture, geology, energy, smelting, electronic manufacturing, etc. and it is the ideal selection for electricians, maintenance personnel and technicians.

Key Features

  • The adjustable radiation coefficient and reflecting background compensation increases the measurement accuracy of half of the reflection surface.
  • The thermal point and cold point temperature mark may guide the users to the area with highest or lowest temperature of thermal image.
  • Selectable color palette.

Technical Specifications

Display screen 3.5 ″ (89mm) full angle TFT display screen
Thermal sensitivity 32°F (0.15℃)
Temperature measurement range -4°F-+572 °F (-20℃-+300℃)
Test and measurement precision ±36% or ±36°F (2℃)
Emissivity Adjustable from 0.1 to 10.0
Infrared image resolution 120*120
visible image resolution 0.3 million pixel
Field angle/shortest focus length 20×20/0.5m
Image capture frequency 10Hz
Wavelength coverage 8-14um
Focal length Adjustable
Color palette Iron oxide red, dull-red, red white,

black & white, white & black

View option Full infrared and full vision Visible

image with 25% step length

Memory card Standard TF card
USB USB 2.0 port
File format JPG
Work temperature 23°F-+104°F (-5℃- +40℃)
Storage temperature -4°F- +122°F (-20℃- +50℃)
Relative humidity 10%RH – 80%RH
Power supply Built-in chargeable 2X1865


Automatic power-off time Selectable: 5 minutes or 20 minutes

To power off automatically

Product size 9.7inx3.7inx3.6in (247mm×94mm×91mm)
Weight 374g

How To Use

Display the temperature scope

The setting of displayed temperature scope can display the part of the object that exceeds from the set temperature value with specific color.

To set the temperature to a different setting: enter the setting submenu and set “the displayed temperature scope” to enabled.

– To set the temperature to Minimum setting: press “A” key to select and press “+” and “-” keys to set the temperature.

– To set the temperature to Maximum setting: press “C” key to select and press “+” and “-” keys to set the temperature.



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