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ION Meter for Sodium (0.3 % Error/Monitoring)

ID: GT00Z100ZU



GAOTek ION Meter for Sodium measures sodium ION concentration in solutions and monitors water quality.

Key Features

  • Sodium Ion Concentration Meter adopts the single-chip computer technology, featured by the simple and convenient operation as well as the intuitive and accurate digital display.
  • The instrument has the manual temperature compensation and the automatic temperature compensation functions
  • TopNa value display, the instrument also has the function of sodium ion concentration [Na+] display.
  • The external shape of the instrument is compact and beautiful.

Technical Specifications

PNa value (0.00~9.00) pNa
Na+ concentration 23g/L~0.023 μ g/L
mV value (-1800~1 800) mV
Resolution 0.01 pNa
Intrinsic error of electronic units ±0.02pNa ±1 unit
Intrinsic error of the instrument: ±0.05pNa
Instrument repeatability error: No more than ± 0.03pNa ± 1 unit
Temperature compensation range  41 to 122f (5.0 ~ 50.0 C)
Calculation error  ± 0.3% (reading)
 Electronic unit stability  ± 0.02pNa/3h

Additional Information

Weight 1.32 lbs

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