Leeb Hardness Tester with Wide Range (Large Memory)

GAO Tek Thermocouple Calibrator calibrates thermocouple measuring with optional temperature unit select.



Key Features

  • LED Backlight
  • Automatic power off after 5 minutes
  • Portable, light and compact
  • Easy interface

Technical Specifications

Measuring range HLD(170~960)HLD
Measuring direction 0°~360°
Hardness Scale HL,HB,HRB,HRC,HRA,HV,HS
Display segment LCD
Data memory 100 groups max.(relative to impact times 32~1)
Printing paper width is (57.5±0.5)mm, diameter is 30mm.
Battery pack 6V NI­MH
Battery charger 9V/500mA

Continuous working period;about 150 hours(With backlight off, no printing)

Communication interface; USB1.1
Outline dimensions 212mm×80mm×32mm / 8.35×3.15×1.26in