Light Weight Concrete Rebar Detector (Unlimited Cyberscan)




Key Features

  • Uni-probe with two detect range:the uniprobe has both a small       and large detect range;
  • Detect closely located bars:can detect closely situated,parallel bars with 1.5 diameter gap;
  • Unlimited cyberscan:can scan object with unlimited size,and display the thickness
    of cover concrete and bars distributing simultaneously;
  • Actual distributing map of bars:can out put the actual distributing map of bars
    after several times scanning;
  • Transverse Section Bars Distributing Map: Can output the transverse section map of bars distributing;
  • Test data may be transferred to computer via USB port, allowing real time analysis of data;
  • Rechargeable lithium battery; convenient, value for money, and environmentally friendly.

Technical Specifications

Signal wave Real time display
Data transfer USB
LCD 160×128
Power DC:9V 5 batteries
Size (mm)  7.48in x 5.31in x 2.05in


Weight(kg) 1.54lbs  (0.7)



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