Methane Gas Detector(Wide Measuring Range, 3 Alarms)



GAOTek Gas Detector for Methane monitors concentration of ozone gas with wide measure range, offers self-check function and zero calibration function.

Key Features

  • Using imported high-precision Infrared principles sensor
  • USB interface high speed data transmission, can be downloaded print data (optional)
  • LCD dot matrix display technology, can display the type of gas, the gas unit, gas concentration values,

    measured maximum, local time, ambient temperature, etc.

  • Support Chinese and English operation interface, easy to switch
  • Gas concentration unit PPM, mg/m3 can quickly switch display
  • Built-in micro sampling pump, the pump suction size ten stalls adjustable
  • Explosion-proof certification, proof grade: Exia II CT4

Technical Specifications

Gas Detected methane CH4
Detection principle Infrared principles
Sampling Method Pump- suction, flow up 1L/min, pump suction size ten stalls adjustable
Measure Range 0-5%VOL, 0-10%VOL, 0-20%VOL, 0-50%VOL, 0-100%VOL
Resolution 0.01%VOL(0-5%VOL,0-10%VOL,0-20%VOL), 0.1%VOL (0-50%VOL, 0-100%VOL)
Precision 2% FS
Signal Output USB interface high speed data transmission, can be downloaded print data (optional)

100,000 sets of data can be stored, can select the storage interval, the minimum is 5S,

computer can be connected directly download and print historical data

Response Time ? 10S
Repeatability ? ᄆ 1%
Zero shift ? ᄆ 1% (F.S / Year)
Operating language Support in English
Temperature ᅠ-40F-158Fᅠᅠᅠ (-40 ? ~ 70 ?)
Explosion-Proof Exia ? CT4
Alarm mode Sound, light, vibration
Dimensions 8.07in x 2.95in x 1.26in (205*75*32mm)
Recovery Time ? 10S
Linearity error ? ᄆ 1%
Display LCD dot matrix display technology
Gas unit Support for multiple gas unit switch display
Humidity 0-95% RH
Degree of protection IP66
Operating time 100 hours (off pump)
Weight(net/gross) 0.66lbs/1.76lbsᅠᅠᅠ (300g/800g)


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