Multi-Channel Temperature Meter with Beep (For Broken Thermocouples)

GAO Tek Temperature Meter with  beep and broken TC checking enables technicians to measure temperature in fast, medium and slow scanning speeds.




GAOTek’s handheld Multi-Channel Temperature Meter has three kinds of character fonts. It has a rechargeable battery of 2200mA with a true color LCD display. The Multi-Channel Temperature Meter adopts a high-performance ARM microprocessor, can collect multi-channel temperature data simultaneously and respond quickly. The Multi-Channel Temperature Meter has the function of checking broken thermocouples, high/low beep function and communication transmission. The 128 channels of temperature data can be extended, and are compatible with various temperature sensors. It is equipped with a Mini-USB (virtual series port) interface to relay data acquisitions, analysis, and prints through the standard computer software. The Multi-Channel Temperature Meter supports USD disk storage, real-time sampling data storage. The users can adjust data for each channel independently.

The GAOTek Multi-Channel Temperature Meter with Beep (Broken TC) provides fast, effective and accurate readings of multi channel temperatures. The handheld device adopts a high-performance ARM micro-processor, can collect multi-channel temperature data simultaneously and responds quickly. Equipped with a Mini-USB interface, it can acquire data, compile an analysis and print through the standard computer software. The users can adjust data for each channel independently.

Can be used for home appliances, motors, heating appliances, temperature controllers, transformers, ovens, thermal protectors, power supplies, lightning, etc.

Key Features

  • TFT-LCD True-color LCD displays, three kinds of character font.
  • Fast, medium and low scanning speed.
  • Cold Junction Compensation
  • Standard configuration U-disk and Mini-USB interface, support mass storage device.
  • Broken thermocouple checking function
  • Allocated channel scanning
  • Standard configuration ATS48 data acquisition software
  • 4V, Li, 2200mA rechargeable battery

Technical Specifications

Graduation Thermocouple/K/T/E/S/N/B Thermal Resistance:PT100
Accuracy 32.18F(0.2%+1℃)
Range -328F~2372F(-200℃~1300℃)
Resolution 32.18F(0.1℃)(varies, depends on graduation)
Channels 8-channel thermocouples or 8-channel PT100s
Speed Fast:100ms/channel Medium:500ms/channel Low:1s/channel
Correction Error correction for each channel
Comparator High & low beep High & low value setting individually for each channel
Interface U-disk interface Mini-USB (virtual serial port)
ATS45 data acquisition software
Cold Junction Accuracy:(0.5℃)32.9F
TFT-LCD True-color LCD display, broken thermocouple checking function
Output:9V 1A DC
Outside5.12X8.26X1.49 in (130.23 (Width)x210.76(Height)x37.88 )

(Depth) 1.4lbs.(650g)

T thermocouple 8 teams(2m/team) ATL909: DC power adaptor ATL202 Carrying Case ATL804: Lithium battery ATL105Mini-USB communication cable ATS45 data acquisition software

How To Use

Press the shortcut key [Meas] to enter <measurement display> interface. <Measurement Display> mainly highlights the measurement results, and current sorting results will be displayed in a different font and color. 
One common function can be set in this page, including:

– Model: Chose the type of the thermocouple

– 001 – Channel Setting
Note: Measurement data and sorting results only validity in the page of <Measurement Display>

The instrument supports 8 types of thermocouples: T,K,J,N,E,S,R,B

Steps to Set Sensor Model

– Press shortcut[Meas]to enter <MEASURE DISPLAY> main interface

– Use the cursor keys to select[TC-T]field

Use function keys to select

Function Key Function
TC-T Setting the thermocouple T type
TC-K Setting the thermocouple K type
TC-J Setting the thermocouple J type
TC-N Setting the thermocouple N type
TC-E Setting the thermocouple E type
TC-S Setting the thermocouple S type
TC-R Setting the thermocouple R type
TC-B Setting the thermocouple B type

Steps to close or open the channel

– Press shortcut[Meas]to enter < MEASURE DISPLAY > main interface

– Use the cursor keys to select[001]field

Use function key to select

Function Keys




OFF Close the current channel
ON Open the current channel

*The same steps to close or open other channels

Steps to modify the channels of display

– Press shortcut[Meas]to enter < MEASURE DISPLAY > main interface

– Use the cursor keys to select[001]field

– Input the channel number you wanted to display in current position by pressing numeric keys, press [Enter] to end