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Multi-function Logic Analyzer
Multi-function Logic Analyzer

GAOTek Multi-function Logic Analyzer

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Product Description


This 500 MHz, 34-channel logic analyzer is used for test, diagnostics, and analysis of digital signals. It also has the features of a multi-channel oscilloscope and other automatic testing instruments. The analyzer is capable of observing a sizable amount of data and data flow direction control information simultaneously and captures narrow pulse interference information. It is able to see error messages and locate faults in the source code. Intuitive and flexible displays return dynamic analysis results in binary, decimal, hexadecimal or ASCII format to facilitate debugging. The analyzer uses advanced large-scale integrated circuits, high-frequency digital circuits, embedded systems and the other advanced technologies. It has CPLD and FPGA functionality. This portable, easy-to-use analyzer also has integrated USB 2.0.

Key Features

  • 34 input channels
  • Simultaneous observes multi-channel data flow and control information
  • Delay function to capture waveforms
  • Various trigger modes
  • Burr-detection ability

Technical Specifications

Sampled Channels 34
High Input Impedance 200 k (C=10 p)
Input Voltage Range -60 V to 60 V
Logic Threshold Range -6 V to 6 V
Max Sample Rate 500 MHz
Max Input Signal Bandwidth 150 MHz
Min Time Resolution 2 ns
Sample Depth 2 k Sample
Max Record Time (Compression Mode) 10 h
Max Sample Rate (Compression Mode) 200 MHz
Trigger’s Max Rate 250 MHz
Electrostatic Protected 15 kV
Max Input Voltage Max 250 V 0.5 s
Power USB Port
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows XP, VISTA
Includes S/W CD with demo code in VC, CVI, VB, LABVIEW; probes, manual, USB cord
Temperature Range -10 °C to 60 °C

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