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Optical Talk Sets
Optical Talk Sets

Multi-Function Optical Talk Sets

ID: C0240001tek

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Product Description


GAOTek Multifunction Optical Talk Set provides high quality digital communication with a dynamic range of 40 dB and a transmission distance of up to 49.7 mi (80 Km). It performs full duplex operation and comes with a high voice quality and low background noise. It is highly reliable and easy to use with an optical clip-on coupler. It is widely used in installation, optical testing, and maintenance and fiber attenuation value testing in data, CATV and telecommunication networks.


  • Low background noise
  • Clear full duplex digital communication
  • Large LCD display with backlight
  • Optical clip-on coupler
  • Low battery power indication
  • Stabilized light source

Technical Specifications

Transmission distance 49.7 mi (80 Km)
Dynamic range 40 dB
Wavelength 1310 nm/1550 nm
Emitter type FP-LD
Output power(dBm) -5 dBm~-7 dBm (9 um/125 um)
Modulation CW, 270 Hz,1 KHz, 2 KHz
Output Stability <=±0.05 dB
Operating Time 10 Hrs (Continuous)
Power supply Alkaline Battery
Power adapter 8.4 V
Fiber connector FC/PC
Dimensions 7.5 in × 4.0 in × 3.5 in (192 mm ×102 mm × 90 mm)
Weight 0.74 lbs (0.338 Kg)

Additional Information


  1. LCD screen displays the menu function, battery capacity, wavelength, modulation and so on.
  2. Earphone: for answering and conversation.
  3. ”button: Turn on/off talk set.
  4. ”button: Turn on light source.
  5. ”button: Call/answer the conversation.
  6. ”button: Turn on/off backlight.
  7. ”button: Switch light source modulation.
  8. ” button: Finish conversation or turn off light source.
  9. “DC” port: Access power adapter
  10. FC/PC port: Light source and talk set connector
  11. ”port: Access the microphone.
  12. ”port: Access the earphone.


Insert the earphone, microphone and fiber to the talk set.

Turn on/off

  1. Press “”to turn on/off the unit
  2. Press “” shortly to activate/deactivate the 10 minutes auto-off function. The “auto-off” symbol will be displayed on the screen

“Talk set” Function

  1. One set of talk set has two wavelengths: 1310 nm and 1550 nm
  2. 1310 nm is taken as a sample for the explanation
  3. If 1310 nm is taken as the transmitting terminal, then press “” to call the counterpart

  1. At this moment, the receiving terminal (wavelength 1550nm) will ring,press“” to end the ring and start conversation

  1. Press“” to cancel the conversation

“Light Source” function (using 1310 nm as sample)

  1. Press“” to turn on the light source

  1. Press“”to switch modulation among 0 Hz, 270 Hz, 1 kHz and 2 kHz
  2. “0 Hz” modulation: emitter works under stable light source mode

  1. “270 Hz” modulation: emitter works under 270 Hz modulation modes

  1. “1000 Hz” modulation: emitter works under 1000 Hz modulation mode

  1. “2000 Hz” modulation: emitter works under 2000 Hz modulation mode

  1. Press“”to cancel the modulation


Press “” to turn on/off backlight. The backlight is automatically turned off after 60 s idle time.


  1. When the battery indicator on bottom left corner is empty, please charge the battery as this indicates battery is flat
  2. Please note the indicator lamp when charging
  3. Please turn off the talk sets if the battery is low


Use the volume control on the earphone to increase or reduce the volume.


In order to realize the long distance conversation over a single fiber, we must use one set of talk sets. Each of them must have different wavelength, the typical combination is 1310 nm and 1550 nm. The talk set is full duplex voice communication. Please do not connect it to the other brands of talk sets.


  1. Please clean the sensor’s surface regularly to keep it free of dust and oil. Do not use unclean and non-standard connectors. Do not insert the bad polished surface to avoid mangling the sensor’s surface and the whole system performance
  2. Please use the same type of adapter only
  3. Please screw back the dust protective cap if not in use for a long period of time
  4. Please gently insert/pull out the connector to avoid scratching the surface
  5. Please use a cotton bud to clean the sensor’s surface regularly
  6. If the equipment is not used for a long period of time, remove the batteries to keep the battery from damping.

Common Problems

Problems Possible   Reasons Solutions
LCD display is faint Insufficient power Replace the batteries or charge the rechargeable battery
No display after turning on Insufficient power Replace battery or Restart the unit
Readings on the LCD screen remain the same or fluctuant slightly after turning on Problem with the connector or the display is locked Inspect the connection of the connector or clean the sensor’s surface


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