Multi-magnification Stereo Zoom Microscope (Configuration Choices)



Key Features

  • LCD Display
  • Latest parallel optics for improved depth of field, optical clarity, contrast, and dimension quality
  • 48mm to 75mm (2-3 inches) interpapillary adjustment

Technical Specifications

Objective zoom range 0.5,   1X, 1.75X,3X,   5.5X
Eyepice SWF10X/23mm (0.9 inches)
Working distance 95mm (3.7 inches)
Interpupillary distance adjustment range 48mm-75mm (2-3 inches)
Binocular head inclination of 45
Diopter adjustment ±5 diopter
Optical Body Rotation 360
Voltage input 110V/60HZ   or 220V/50HZ
Top halogen lamp 6V15W adjustable brightness
Bottom fluorescent lamp 5W


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