Nitric Oxide NO Gas Detector (Alarms, Calibration Record)


Key Features

  • Smart probe design, calibration
  • Maintenance more convenient in the future
  • Fault, warning, operator error, alarm will be smart tips
  • Built-in CF calibration co-efficient
  • With audible alarm, visual alarm function, the status bar also displays alarm status
  • Full-color 3.5 inch TFT screen, color LCD display and intuitive

Technical Specifications

Power supply Lithium battery
Operating current <= 150mA; Alarm current <= 200mA
Operating environment temperature -40OF – 158OF
Storage environment -4OF – 140 OF
Housing Material PC
Dimensions 8.97638*3.30709*1.988189 Inch
Installation Handheld/ Stand-in
Weight 0.55 kg