Nitric Oxide NO Gas Detector (Wide Range/Data Record)

:  GAOTek Gas Detector for Nitric Oxide detects concentration of nitric oxide gas, records data, and offers wide range of measurement.



GAOTek Gas Detector for Oxygen detects concentration of oxygen gas, records data, and supports automatic zero point calibration by one press precisely.

Key Features

  • High-definition LCD dot matrix display screen
  • Ultra-high buzzer alarm sound, higher and lower alarm values are settable
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries
  • Strong and upscale alligator clip, portable
  • Elegant and exquisite aluminum alloy packaging suitcase
  • strong and durable, exquisite and comfortable in touching




Technical Specifications

Name of Product: NO Detector
Principle of Detection  Electrochemistry
Range of Measurement:  0-10ppm、0-50ppm、0-100ppm、0-200ppm、0-1000ppm、0-2000ppm、0-4000ppm(optional)
Resolution: 0.01ppm、0.1ppm 、1ppm  (depending on Range selected)
Precision: 3%FS
Sampling Method: diffusion (add external sampling pump if necessary)
Unit of Concentration: One press to switch between ppm and mg/m3, system will finish conversion of values automatically
Display Technology: Monochrome dot matrix 128 * 128 LCD graphic display
Back light: Time of back light is settable, initiate back-light mode in alarming
Direct Readings: Gas molecular formula, the concentration unit, the measured value, time, battery, alarm state, data record state, etc.
Data record: Storage capacity of over a hundred thousand sets, which means that it can continue to store for 15 months with interval of 5minutes. Interval time ranges from 10-3600seconds for your selection
Data transmission:  High-speed data transmission by USB, available for data downloading and printing after installing necessary software (optional)
Calibration  two target point calibration, both can be set up at calibration value. Support automatic zero point calibration by one press
Password Protection Calibration is protected by password, and the password Can be reset
Restore: Support restore of factory calibration, support restore of factory parameter settings
Alarm Mode: Sound and light, higher and lower alarm point values are both settable, and there are three alarm states for selection: ON, OFF, or SILENT
Battery 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery, with capacity of 1800 mA, working time more than 50hours (no combustible gas), charging time less than 6hours.
Charger:  Charger: Travel charger with USB
Explosion-proof Grade ExiaⅡCT4
Protection Grade: IP66
Working Temperature 68~122 F (20℃~50℃)
Working Humidity: 0-95%RH (non-condensable, a filter dryer is needed if the value is larger than 90%RH )
Housing Material:  ABS+PC
Dimensions:  6.10*6.10*1.37 in(155 * 78 * 35 mm)
Weight: 0.661 lbs(300g)

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