Ohmmeter with Keypad Lock (Auto Power-Off)

This portable Ohmmeter with Keypad Lock (Auto Power-Off) function accurately measures electrical resistance between two points in a circuit by adopting a high-performance 32dgt ARM micro-processor




GAOTek Ohmmeter with Keypad Lock (Auto Power-Off) function accurately measures electrical resistance between two points in a circuit, with resistance range of 0.001 mΩ to 3.3 Ω and voltage range of 0.0001 V to 60 V with high levels of accuracy for both measurement types. This battery internal resistance online tester adopts high-performance 32bit ARM micro-processor, can be used to test voltage and internal resistance of battery. Accuracy of 0.5 % even the speed is under 10 times per second. The indication beat is controlled under 3 digits. This Ohmmeter can test open-circuit voltage accurately, adding automatic sorting function and beep set, is applied to UPS online batteries measurement, automatic sorting system to complete production line test. Equipped with USB interface, can be used for remote control, data acquisition and analysis. It is suitable for flow line inspect of storage batteries.

Key Features

  • Portable design with dual-color protective cast shell
  • Battery and external power supply
  • TFT-LCD display
  • Battery life of approximately 8 hours
  • Automatic power off when left idle
  • Double display: ΔABS, Δ% and sorting result
  • Comparator function: GD/NG
  • Auto zero adjustments for each range
  • Four terminal resistance measurements
  • Mini-USB interface
  • SCPI-compatible command sets
  • Keypad lock function
  • Data hold function
  • Adjustable background brightness
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Max power≤5W
  • Gorgeous dual-colure cast shell
  • Battery capacity: continuously used for over 8 hours

Technical Specifications

Parameters AC resistance, DC Voltage
Accuracy Resistance 0.5 % ± 5 digits

Voltage: 0.1 % ± 5 digits

Measurement Range Resistance : 0.001mΏ to 3.3 Ώ

Voltage : 0.0001 V to 60 V

Signal Source AC: 1 kHz

Open-Circuit Voltage: <30 mV

Current: <15 mA

Range Automatic, manual, nominal, 6 ranges
Speed 20 times per second
Result Display ABS/PER/SEQ
Display Max Resistance : 3300

Voltage : 6000

Max Resolution Resistance : 0.01 mΏ

Voltage : 1 mV

Adjustment Short-circuit reset to each range
Comparator Voltage comparison separately, resistance comparison separately, voltage and resistance combination comparison and GD/NG sorting result display. Adjustable beep
Trigger Internal , manual and remote
Test Terminal 4 terminal shielding and external shielding ground section
Interface Built-in-mini-USB charging interface

U disc interface

Power Input: 100 V -240 V to 50 Hz/60 Hz 0.35 A

Output: 9V 1A DC 8.4v,

Li, 2200 mAh rechargeable battery

Dimensions 5.12 in x 8.29 in x 1.49 in

(130.23mm x 210.76mm x 37.88mm)


Weight  1.10 lbs (500 g)
Working Time ≥8h @25 % Brightness
Temperature and humidity range: 59 ◦ F to 95 ◦F (15 ◦C to 35 ◦C), 80 % RH or less
Storage temperature and humidity range: 50◦ F to 104 ◦F (10 ◦C to 40 ◦C), 10 % to 90 % RH

Other Specifications

  • Digital LCD Display: The digital display is exclusive to digital Ohmmeter’s which shows a reading of measurement of electrical resistance.
  • Analogous Display: The analogous display features has a set scale of measurements with a needle that moves in accordance with the measurement of electrical resistance.
  • Four Terminal Resistors:The GAOTek Ohmmeter comes standard with four terminal resistance measurements (two red, two black), where the probes would be inserted GAOTek Ohmmeter, and are to be connected to two separate ends of a given circuit. The red probe connects with the positive side of the circuit while the black probe connects with the negative side of the circuit. The probes are to be connected to the two points of the circuit that requires measurement.
  • Keypad: A keypad feature allows the user to set a desired voltage from the power supply to the circuit via the probes.
  • USB/Mini USB Ports:There is a USB/Mini USB Port availabe in the ohmmeter which is used for data transfer of measurement readings to other storage devices.
  • Rechargeable Battery:The GAOT Ohmmeter provides a standard 2200 mAh rechargeable battery for continued usage.
  • Auto Power: This Ohmmeter has an auto power function that turns the measurement instrument off after 15 consecutive minutes of non-usage for battery conservation.
  • Time Setting: Another feature is a time setting, where the Ohmmeter can be set to test 15 minutes after using the function.

Front Panel Summary:


  1. USB Host port
  2. Mini-USB Slave Port
  3. Reserved Interfaces
  4. Power Adaptor


Press [Meas] key to enter <MEAS DISPLAY>Page.

The <MEAS DISPLAY> page includes following setup:

Trigger Mode [TRIGGER]

Measurement Range [RANGE]

Test Speed [SPEED]

Comparator [COMP] ON/OFF

[BEEP] Feature

Soft-key VIEW DATA – To Enter [VIEWDATA] page

Soft-key SAVE DATA – To Store measurement result into internal flash disk





It supports four trigger modes: INT (internal), EXT, MAN (manual) and BUS (RS-232)

Procedure to set the trigger:

Step 1 Press [Meas] key to enter <MEAS DISPLAY>Page

Step 2 Use cursor keys to select [TRIGGER] field

Step 3 INT Automatic Internal trigger

MAN Manual Trigger by pressing [Trig] key

BUS Trigger by RS-232 SCPI command


SCPI Command: FUNCTION: RANGE {<range number>, min, max}




Measurement Speed [SPEED]



SLOW, MED, FAST and ULTRA speed mode can be selected.

SLOW mode will result in more stable and accurate measurement result.

The following speed is measured in range-hold mode and comparator is ON:

SLOW: 1 times/sec (1s)

MED:  5 times/sec (100ms)

FAST: 0 times/sec (33ms)

[BEEP] Feature



<VIEW DATA> page

The measurement result can be stored in internal nonvolatile memory by press the [SAVE DATA] soft-key in <MEAS DISPLAY> page.

Over 500 sets data can be saved.

The format of measurement result is:


You can review the saved data on the <VIEW DATA> page by pressing the

[VIEW DATA] soft-key in <MEAS DISPLAY> page.


Press [SYSTEM] bottom soft-key to enter <SYSTEM CONFIG> page.

  • LANGUAGE – Choose English or Chinese Language
  • BEEP Feature
  • BAUD – RS-232/RS-485 Communication Baud Rate
  • RS-485 Address
  • SHAKE HAND – RS-232/RS-485 Shake Hand
  • RESULT SEND – Acquire the test result by FETCH? Command or auto send

All settings in <SYSTEM CONFIG> will be saved into internal flash disk automatically.

<VIEW DATA> page

The measurement result can be stored and internal nonvolatile memory by press the [SAVE DATA] soft-key in <MEAS DISPLAY> page. Over 500 sets data can be saved. The format of measurement result is:


You can review the saved data on the <VIEW DATA> page by pressing the [VIEW DATA] soft-key in <MEAS DISPLAY> page

  • SAVE TO DISK – Store all data into USB Disk
  • RESET – The data will be stored from the start of the table.
  • FORMAT – To format the internal nonvolatile memory disk, all data will be lost
  • PAGE – Jump to the provided page

< SETUP> page

  • Press [Setup] key to enter <SETUP>page.
  • In <SETUP> page, the Instrument does not display measurement result and
  • Comparator result, testing is not in progress.
  • The <SETUP> page includes following setup:
  • Trigger Mode [TRIGGER]
  • Measurement Range [RANGE]
  • Measurement Speed [SPEED]
  • BEEP Feature
  • Soft-key CLEAR ZERO – Clear Zero Correction
  • R-COMP – AC Resistance Sorting Methods
  • V-COMP– DC Voltage Sorting Methods
  • R-NOMINAL – Input Resistance Nominal Value
  • R-LOWER – Input Resistance Lower Limit
  • R-UPPER – Input Resistance Upper Limit
  • V-NOMINAL – Input Voltage Nominal Value
  • V-LOWER – Input Voltage Lower Limit
  • V-UPPER – Input Voltage Upper Limit
  • Some settings can be also set up in <MEAS DISPLAY> page

AC Resistance Range:

Range Max. Reading Resolution FAST SLOW Test Current
0 3 mΩ 3.300 mΩ 1 uΩ 0.5 % ± 10 0.5 % ± 10 150 mA
1 30 mΩ 33.0 mΩ 10 uΩ 0.5 % ± 10 0.5 % ± 5 150 mA
2 300 mΩ 330.0 mΩ 100 uΩ 0.5 % ± 10 0.5 % ± 5 15 mA
3 3 Ω 3.300 Ω  mΩ 0.5 % ± 10 0.5 % ± 5 1.5 mA

DC Voltage Range:

Range Max. Reading Resolution FAST MED SLOW
1 60 V 60.000 V 1 uV 0.5 % ± 10 0.5% ± 2 0.05 %±5


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