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GAO Tek Optical Attenuator

ID: C0270002tek

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Product Description


This optical attenuator features a digital display and continuous step adjustments. This attenuator helps to adjust the attenuation accurately, and is applied to measure the parameters of a fiber optical system, attenuate the short-distance fiber optical network and perform a field test.

  • Small size, light weight and portable.
  • 260K true color LCD display
  • Intelligent navigation menu for simple operations
  • Support an AC or battery power supply
  • Real-time battery power indication, low power consumption, continuous working for up to 35 hours with battery
  • Upgrading embedded software for free

Technical Specifications

Adjustable Wavelength Range 4.96 x 10 -5 in ~6.50 x 10 -5 in (1260~1650nm)
Connector Type FC/PC
Calibrated Wavelengths 4.96 x 10 -5 in/5.87 x 10 -5 in/6.10 x 10 -5 in


Attenuation Range 2.5~65dB
Resolution 0.01dB
Insertion Loss <2.5dB
Linearity ±0.5dB at 77 °F (25℃)
Repeatability ±0.2dB at 77 °F (25℃)
Total Attenuation Accuracy ±0.8dB 77 °F (25℃)
Diverse Reflection 5dB
Max. Permitted Level 500mW (26dBm)
Power Supply Charger Input 100~240V /AC
Output 8.4V/1.2 A /DC
Battery Lithium Built, Rechargeable
GAO Test Console Supported by WIN2000/ME/XP
Operating Temperature 32°F to 122 °F(0°C to 50°C )
Storage Temperature -22 °F to 158 °F ( -30℃ to 70℃ )