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GAOTek Pen-Shaped Optical Visual Fault Locator

ID: C0280004tek

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Product Description


GAOTek Pen Style Optical Visual Fault Locator is used for optical identification, fault locating of single mode fiber or multi-mode fiber, which is a basic maintenance tool of optical network, LAN, FDDI, ATM optical system and telecom network system which is suitable for field work. It has a 650 nm visible laser source that transmits continuous light or 1 Hz modulated light into a fiber allowing the user to visually detect a fiber fault over distances of up to 4.9 mi (8 km). It uses two 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries for power supply and is highly suitable for field operation.

Key Features

  • Identifying fiber breaks, bend, splices and other loss fault
  • Large power up to 650 nm red laser
  • Transmitting continuous light or 1Hz modulated light
  • Pen-shaped design, small size, light weight, easy to use
  • Powered by standard AA alkaline batteries
  • 5 nm universal connectors

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 650 nm ± 20 nm
 Emitter Type LD
Output Power 2 mW, 10 mW, 20 mW, 30 mW (optional)
Power supply 2 x 15 V AA alkaline batteries
Distance ≥ 3.10 mi, ≥ 9.32 mi, ≥ 12.42 mi, ≥ 18.64 mi ( ≥ 5 km,  ≥15 km,  ≥ 20 km,  ≥ 30 km)
Working Mode Continuous light and 1 Hz modulated light (CW and Pulsed)
Optical Fiber Type Single mode fiber (SM) or multimode (MM)
Adapter Type 25 mm connector (FC/SC/ST)
Working time 80 hours/50 hours (modulated light/continuous light)
Fiber model Single mode (SM),Multimode (MM)
Spectrum Width ≤5 nm
Weight 0.35 oz (160 g)
Dimension 6.69 in x 0.94 in (170 mm x 24 mm)
Humidity 0 to 95 % (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -68 F to 158 F (-20 C to 70 C)
Operating Temperature -50 F to 122 F (-10 C to 50 C)

Accessories included in Packaging List:

No. Item Qty.
1 Optical Visual Fault Locator 1 set
2 User Manual 1 copy
3 Qualified certificate of products/Warranty card 1 pc
4 Packing list 1 pc
5 Soft bag 1 pc


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