PH Meter with mV (3 Points Calibration and Self-Diagnostic)


Key Features

  • Large LCD display
  • Microprocessor-based chip and parts apparatus are jointed with SMT technology offers high performance and stability
  • 2-point push button calibration
  • Auto-buffer recognition
  • Self diagnostics also offers a display of electrode parameters and information after calibration
  • Temperature compensation can be set automatically or manually

Technical Specifications

pH Range 0.00~14.00pH
pH Accuracy ±0.005pH
Resolution 0.01pH
mV Range 0~±1999mV
Resolution & Accuracy 1mV & ±10mV or ±10mV
Temperature Range 0~100℃ or 32~212 oF
No. of Calibration Points 3 points
pH Buffer Options NIST, pH4.01, 6.86, 9.18
Temperature Compensation Manual or automatic, 0 to 99℃ or 32 to 210 oF
Dimensions 210mm×205mm×65mm or 8.3×8.1×2.6 inch
Power 9VDC, using AC adapters 110VAC/220VAC
Weight 1.5kg


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