PH Meter with ORP and Temperature (Low Error Rate)


Key Features

  • Double row nixie tubes display PH value/mV value and temperature respectively.
  • Computer based: It adopts high-performance CPU chip, high precision AD conversion technology and SMT technology to complete the multipara meter measurement, temperature compensation and instrument self checking, with high precision and good repeatability.
  • Reliability: Single board structure, touch button, no switch knob
  • 25°C Conversion: Nernst electrode slope temperature compensation, pure water and ultrapure water with addition of ammonia converted at 25°C.
  • Standard liquid temperature auto conversion: It pre stores the temperature curve of the standard liquid; in the calibration, it can convert pH value of the standard liquid automatically at the set temperature.
  • Auto determination of error calibration: If the user wrongly uses the standard buffer solution the calibration, the instrument will prompt automatically.
  • Network function: RS232 bidirectional communication, equipped with a printer or TLab8.0 communications and data processing software

Technical Specifications

Measuring range


0~14.00pH, l999~+1999mV, 0~99.9°C (0 ~ 211.8 °F)




0.001 PH, 0.1 mV, 0.1°C(32.18°F)


±0.005pH, ±0.2mV, ±0.3°C (32.54 °F)
Input impedance


Temperature compensation range


automatic 099.9°
Communication interface RS232 bidirectional


Output 0 1400mV,

1mV / O. 01 PH

External power supply operating condition Ambient temperature 0-60°C(0-140°F) ; relative humidity ≤ 90%
Power supply AC220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1 Hz
Power down memory >5 years; Clock accuracy: ± l minutes / month
Calibration method One-point calibration, two-point calibration, manual input of E0 and S


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