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Phase Meter for High Voltage (Digital Display)
Phase Meter for High Voltage (Digital Display)

Phase Meter for High Voltage (Digital Display)


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This Phase meter for High Voltage (Digital Display) is a contact and non-contact type testing and can be used to test on high and low voltage, testing phase position with wireless transmission distance and linear transmission distance of about 262.46 ft. (80 m). This Phase meter overcomes the problem of voltage limit of traditional phasing tester which is fully automatic phase test from 10 V to 550 KV without the need to purchase multiple sets of phasing tester or configure high and low voltage detector according to the voltage levels. This tester has the detector, receiver, telescopic insulating rod, monitoring software and USB communication cable. It complies with IP63 safety standards.

Key Features

  • LCD Screen display details of phase, frequency, phase sequence and the result of nuclear phase, dynamic vector graphics instructions, clear and intuitive.
  • 65 k color LCD screen, 4.3 in (109.22 mm) in size.
  • Easy to carry and time saving device
  • Host is designed with USB interface
  • Voice features have the following voice prompts “in-phase”, “out-phase”, “X signal is normal” and “Y signal is normal”.
  • High insulation, scalable, moisture and shock resistance.
  • Compliance with the standard of GB13398-92, GB311.1-311.6-8, 3DL408-91, EC 61481-A2:2004; IEC 61243-1.

Technical Specifications

Transmission Distance 262.46 ft. (80 m) (linear transmission), Wireless transmission
Transmitting Frequency 433 MHz, 315 MHz
Data Interface USB mini connector
Level of Protection IP63
Standards Compliance with GB GB13398-92, GB311.1-311.6-8, 3DL408-91, EC 61481-A2:2004, IEC 61243-1.
LCD Screen Size 4.3 in (0.17 mm), 65 K color Display

Display area: 3.85 in × 2.24 in (98 mm × 57 mm)

Power Supply 7 V ~ 9 V DC
Battery Type 7.4 V/ 1000 mAh Lithium battery (rechargeable)
Battery Working Time 40 hours (continuously)
Power 20 mA (maximum)
Power Supply 7 V ~ 9 V DC
Battery Type 7.4 V/ 1000 mAh ,6 high-capacity Nickel metal hydride battery (rechargeable)
Battery Working Time 40 hours (continuously)
Power 200 mA (maximum)
Length of USB cable 4.92 ft. (1.5 m)
Low Voltage Display 6.5 V
Display Rate 3 times/second
Resolution 1 degree
Voltage 10 V ~ 550 kV
Length of insulating rod ɸ 1.10 in (28 mm)

Shrinkage state: 23.62 in (600 mm)

Stretch state: 125.98 in (3200 mm)

Size of Probe Hook ɸ 0.2 in (5 mm) × 1.96 in (50 mm) (Depth)
Size of Probe ɸ 0.2 in (5 mm) × 1.57 in (40 mm) (Length)
Weight of Instrument Host computer 24.69 oz. (700 g)
Detector 2 × 7.05 oz. (2 × 200 g )
Insulating rod 2 ×15.16 oz. (2 × 430 g)
Total weight 13.22 lbs. (6 kg)
Dimensions of the Instrument Host Computer 7.68 in × 5.4 in × 1.97 in (195 mm × 137 mm × 50 mm)
Detector 5.71 in × 2.28 in × 1.97 in (145 mm × 58 mm × 50 mm)
Dimensions of the Box 25.2 in × 12.20 in × 4.72 in (640 mm × 310 mm × 120 mm)
Operating Humidity < 80 % RH
Operating Temperature -4 ˚F ~ 113 ˚F (-20 ˚C ~ +45 ˚C)
Storage Humidity < 70 % RH
Storage Temperature 14 ˚F ~ 140 ˚F (-10 ˚C ~ +60 ˚C)

Functions Wireless High-Voltage Phasing Tester

Functions of phasing tester are testing phase position, phase sequence, checking electricity, transformer group judgement and so on. The host is designed with USB interface which is used in the field test data to be saved into the computer by monitoring software to facilitate historical data access and management.

The Phasing test on high voltage circuit i.e.) if the voltage exceeds 400 V keep the metal probe of detector gradually close to the conductor and when the detector induces the signal of electric field the phase testing can be completed.

Phasing test method:

Contact Type: When the voltage of circuit is below 400 V, phasing can be done using contact of wire.

Non-contact Type: When the voltage of circuit is above 400 V, phasing can be done using the metal probe of detector. Keep the metal probe detector gradually close to the conductor. It is not necessary to directly contact with high voltage wire.

Insulating Test:

Insulation rod: This can be performed by stretching the insulation rod and the insulation between both ends with 110 kV/rms (AC).

Host, Detector: insulation between the exposed metal and shell with 3700 V/rms (AC).

Judgement of Phase:

In-phase: -20 degree to 20 degree.

Out-phase: 100 degree to 140 degree and 220 degree to 260 degree


Self-calibration error: ≤ 3 degree.

Field In-phase error: ≤ 7 degree.

Field out-phase error: ≤ 12 degree.

Data Storage: 200 groups

When pressing the “HOLD” key, the data will be numbered automatically and stored. When the storage is full it will indicate as data is “FULL”. When the power is off or in case there is a necessity to replace the battery the data will not be loss.

Data HOLD:

To keep the data in hold press the HOLD” key and press again to release the hold.

Data Access:

To enter the data access mode press the “READ” key. To scroll through the data press the arrow key.


Backlight which is suitable for dark places.


Shift automatically to test phase from 10 V to 550 kV.

Test Indication:

When the instrument is in testing mode it shows “testing….”

Pressure level:

  • Safe pressure level of the insulating rod is ≤ 10 kV.
  • High voltage lines is performed by non-contact phasing type.
  • Direct contact with high voltage wire is strictly prohibited or it leads to personal injury, risk of electric shock or equipment damage.

Automatic shut-down:

When the instrument is inactive mode for about 15 minutes after boot, it shut down automatically after 15 minutes.

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