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Phase Meter with Nuclear Phase (Wireless Transmission)

ID: GT00Y900ZW

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GAOTek Phase Meter with Nuclear Phase provides measurement of difference in high voltage phase signal and provides wireless transmission with a visual range of up to 656 ft (200 m) and a sampling rate of up to 3 times/second. It is portable and easy to use and consists of a telescopic insulation rod. The device is equipped with a maintenance free battery with a large capacity. This Phase Meter device works in compliance with all the safety regulations and EMC standards.

Key Features

  • Visual range of up to 656 ft (200 m)
  • 10 ft (3.1 m) telescopic insulation rod
  • Portable receiver
  • Adopts large capacity and maintenance-free battery
  • Safe, fast and reliable testing process
  • LCD screen which displays the phase, waveform and frequency
  • Wireless transmission
  • Compliant with EMC standards

Technical Specifications

Accuracy Phase error ≤ 15 °

Different phase error ≤ 15 °

Sampling rate 3 times/sec
X and Y Collector Supply Voltage 7.5 V ± 1.5 V
X and Y Collector Current ≤ 5 mA
Transmission Distance of X, Y ≥ 65.6 ft (≥ 20 m)
Working Environment 32 °F to 122 °F (0 ° C +50 ° C)
Humidity ≤ 85 % RH
Storage Environment 32 °F + 131 °F (0 °C +55 °C)
Voltage Level Measurement 0.38 KV– 220 KV
Power Supply AC 110 V / 115 V / 120 V / 127 V / 220 V /230 V / 240 V (Optional)
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz (Optional)

Safety issues:

  1. While testing on-site, the operator shall stay safe distance to operate.
  2. The tested insulating rod voltage is ≤ 220 KV.
  3. Please check the insulation rod carefully before using, pay attention to the weather. Please follow strict compliance with the relevant high-voltage testing regulation.
  4. The insulation rod is 6 telescopic insulating rod, when in use, regardless of the operating voltage is the highest voltage.


  • Electrical inspection
  • Power lines and substations
  • Industrial enterprises

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