Polarimeter with Auto Repetition-Measurement (High Accuracy)



Key Features

  • Offers the sample concentration, purity, sugar content or the content
  • Incandescent lightbulbs with optical filter can be substituted for sodium lamp
  • Can be start-up without preheating
  • Offers measurement of specific rotation, optical rotation and sugar degree
  • Automatic repetition of measurement of 6 times and offers average value and means square root
  • Built-in thermal insulation reduces the temperature rise
  • Real-time temperature display
  • Bilingual support
  • Dark-colored sample can be measured
  • RS232 interface

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range: -45°~+45°, -120°Z~+120°Z
Minimum Reading: 0.001°
Accuracy: ± (0.005°+ Measurement value×0.03%); ± (0.015°Z+ Measurement value×0.03%)
Repeatability (Standard Deviation δ): ≤0.002° ±0.006°Z
Minimum sample transmittance: 1%


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