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GAOTek Portable CATV Signal Analyzer



This signal analyzer is specially designed and manufactured for CATV system installation and testing. It measures CATV TILT and trunk cable voltage accurately and also tests DVB-C digital signal features including average peak power, MER, BER, C/N, and EVM. Additionally, it provides constellation diagrams. This instrument tests CATV signal levels in both channel and frequency modes. In scan mode, the signal analyzer store signal levels for each channel. In spectrum mode, it provides spectrum display and tests for a certain frequency range.

Key Features

  • Tests CATV signal levels at both channel and frequency modes
  • High-speed measurement
  • Auto-off time setup
  • Auto scan testing
  • Portable, rugged and handheld design
  • Matrix super big LCD with back light

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 46 MHz to 870 MHz
Resolution Bandwidth 280 kHz ± 50 kHz
Channels All Channels
Level Range 35 dBμV to 115 dBμV
Accuracy ±1.5 dBuV (under room temperature) ±2.5 dBuV (- 10 °C to 40°C)
Input Impedance 75 Ω (BNC or F connector)
Wave Detection Peak value
Auto Scan Testing
Max. Channel Scan 100 Channels
Scan Range All Channels within 46 MHz to 870 MHz
Scan Speed 30 Channels/Min
Memory Groups 23 Groups(00 to 22) Each group store Max 100 Channels
Voltage Range 0 to 100 VAC
Accuracy ±1.5 V
Resolution 0.1 V
C/N (the measure result is only for reference, not accuracy result)
Level Range 80 dBuV to 105 dBuV
Dimension 215 mm × 95 mm × 47 mm
Weight 610 g (without charger)
Working Temperature -10 °C to 40 °C
Display LCD 128 × 64 Matrix super big LCD with back light
DC Supply DC 7.2 V/1.6 Ah rechargeable battery
AC Supply AC 220 V/50 Hz ±10%
Battery Working Hours Longer than 4.5 hours at continuous working mode
Recharging Hours 12 hours to 14 hours
Battery Charger 1 pc
RF Input Port 2 pcs
User Manual 1 copy
DVB Specifications( A0N00006 without EVM function and constellation diagram)
Frequency Range 46 MHz to 870 MHz
Frequency Resolution 10 kHz
Frequency Accuracy ± 10 × 10-6
Average Power 35 dBμV to 115 dBμV
Power Resolution 0.1 dB
Power Accuracy ± 2.0 dB (under room temperature)
Input Impedance 75 Ω
MER 22 dB to 39 dB
MER Accuracy ± 2 dB
BER 1E-4 to 1E-8(after RS)
Modulation 16/32/64/128/256 QAM
Constellation Diagram

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