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GAO Tek Portable Three Phase KWH Meter Calibrator

ID: GAO A0110010tek

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GAOTek Portable Three Phase KWH Meter Calibrator measures voltage, current, frequency, phase, power factor, active, reactive and apparent powers. This GAOTek Portable Three KWH Meter Calibrator is able to recognize various connection circuit of 3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4-wire either through CT or direct testing and report the result of connection recognition and the coefficient of deviation.

Key Features:

  • 4′, 640 × 480 dot, 16 color LCD, English interface.
  • Lithium battery, continuous working time over 5 hours.
  • Able to test two meters at the same time or test active and reactive energy of one meter;
  • Clamp-on testing: able to be equipped with four sets of clamps at the same time: 5 A, 100 A, 500 A, 1000 A; also able to test directly with high accuracy via accessories.
  • Able to measure CT ratio error/angle error directly.
  • Input jack of bar-code reader; Software automatic calibration.
  • Portable and light type

Technical Specifications:

Voltage Measurement
Voltage Range 0-456 V
Voltage Accuracy 0.05 % (30 V-456 V)
Current Measurement
Direct 0.05 % (0.1 A-12 A)
Clamp 0.2 % (10 % in-120 % in)
Active Power Measurement
Direct 0.05 % (Voltage 30 V-456 V, Current 0.1 A-12 A, PF ≥ 0.5)
Clamp 0.2 % (10 % In-120 % in)
Reactive Power Measurement
Direct 0.1 %(Voltage 30 V-456 V, Current 0.1 A-12 A, PF ≥ 0.5)
Clamp 0.5 %  (Voltage 30 V-456 V, Current 10 % In-120 % in, PF ≥ 0.5)
Phase Angle Measurement
Range 0°-359.99°
Direct 0.05°(Voltage 30 V-456 V, Current 0.1 A-12 A)
Clamp 0.2°  (Voltage 30 V-456 V, Current 10 % In-120 % in)
Frequency Measurement
Range 45 Hz – 65 Hz
Accuracy 0.01 Hz
Resolution 0.001 Hz
Power Factor Measurement
Range -1.0-0 + 1.0
Direct Current Measurement 0.0005(Voltage 30 V-456 V Current 0.1 A-12 A)
Frequency Resolution
Active Accuracy 0.002 (Voltage 30 V-456 V Current 10 % In-120 % In)
Pulse Output
Range 1-9999999999
Max Output Frequency 72 kHz
Pulse Input
Meter Input Range 1-9999999999
Max Input Frequency 50 kHz
Recharge Power Range AC 85 V-AC 265 V
Power Consumption Less than 15 V A
Relative Humidity ≤ 85 %
Dimension 10 in × 6 in × 2 in
Weight Less than 6.6 lbs

Additional Information:

GAOTek Portable Three Phase KWH Meter Calibrator mainly applied in the meter testing centers of electricity utilities, authoritative energy measurement labs, energy meter manufacturer, authoritative centers for energy meter calibration, and electricity engineering companies.

GAOTek Portable Three Phase KWH Meter Calibrator can be operated by pressing keys.

(a) Soft keys-6 soft keys are provided on the interface, and the calibrator can be operated by fixed key operation. Multiple operating items may be provided for each soft key. Press a soft key successively, and the operating item will be switched successively to execute the corresponding operation.

(b) Edition-Editing parameters on the interface, press Tab→(back), Tab←(forth) to move focus

Press → ← to move cursor between characters, press “Del” to delete.

Enter is used for Enter key;

ESC is used for ESC key.


1) Parameter Input:

Press “Read Code”, and the meter parameters can be read and displayed through bar code scanner.

Press “Next”, to enter into energy error interface and present parameters will be saved. (Record will not add into database).

Press “Save” to save present parameters (if no present meter record in database, it will as this record)

Press “ESC” to exit main interface.

  • The first 4 parameters “Installation, Main Equip., Equip. No., Factory No.” of parameter input image are for parameter search, and at least one search parameter should be inputted.
  • Press the “Enter” button after inputting retrieved parameter, and then the device will find the first record that match up to the condition and display the relevant data.

2). Energy Error:

In the main menu, press “Energy Error” button, then display “Energy Error Function”.

We can input new parameters in the parameters table and the parameters that been input already can be shown here.

Figure for Calibration of 3-phase 4-wire active kWh meter

Figure for Calibration of 3-phase 4-wire active /reactive combination kWh meter

The Constant in the table: display “PCount” and “QCount”.

Pulse quantity: allows to input.

Soft Button

“P/Q”:The estate of the button is changed following with active power and reactive power.

“Clamp/directly”: testing is switched via current clamp or testing directly as press the button.

4L/3L (4L: three phases four wires; 3L: three phases three wires)The line is switched as press the button, the estate of the button is changed following with “the class of the meters” in the input interface, regarding as 4L as containing “4 lines” or “single phase” and 3L as containing “3 lines”. The default is 4L if not to input any one of the meter classes.

“Start”: The “Start” button will be sunken and display “Stop” as pressing the “F5” button and no response for all buttons except for the “F5” button at the time; input parameter. Press the “START” button and begin check the energy error.

“Save”: save the current recorder; the system will ask you whether replace last recorder, if not you can add a new one or give up

“Back”: For returning to the previous interface.

“Esc”: Return the main interface.

After inputting the constant of active power or constant of reactive power press the key

“Enter” in constants table then the result will be display.

3). Connection Checking

Below figure is the inspection interface for three phases four wires connection. Show us the voltage extent, electric current extent, phases and vector charts.

  1. Voltage and Current- Display the voltage and electric current efficiency and phases.
  2. b) Power & power factor- Total power and total power factor measured by this device are displayed.
  3. c) Recognizing Result- Display the recognizing result of voltage or current, correct coefficient and remark.

4) CT Error

Press “CT error” soft key to access to measurement of CT error as shown in the below figure:

Press soft keys “Phase A”, “Phase B” or “Phase C” to switch the phase of the CT/PT, and the data measured are displayed in the selected “Phase” column (light blue).

CT error data can’t be saved. CT ratio can be input from meters parameter, also input by hand directly.

5) Real-time Measurement

Below figure is the amplitude value and frequency interface.

Below figure is the real-time measurement of the power, from this interface we can enter into waveform chart and harmonic interface.

Soft Key “Amplitude/Power” can be switched between Amplitude and Power, the former is the default state.

Soft key “4L/3L”: can be switched between “4L/3L” and “4L/3L”, the former is the default state.

“Clamp/Directly”: press this button to switch between current clamp measurement and direct current measurement.

6) System Functions

While in the main menu, select “System Set” including Range Setting, Constant Setting, Time Setting, Self-calibration, Test Data Inquiry, and Meter Filing.


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