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GAO Tek Portable Transmission Line and Antenna Analyzer

ID: A0070003tek

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Product Description


This portable transmission line and antenna analyzer uses new technologies including advanced radio frequency and microwave hybrid integration design, broadband and fundamental wave mixing, digital IF processing and intelligent power management. It has many outstanding features such as wide frequency range, high measuring speed and large battery capacity. It accurately measures return loss, standing wave ratio (SWR), impedance and DTF (discontinuity point fixing). The analyzer has large memory capacity which enables storage of over 200 traces; meanwhile the external USB memory is also supported to expand memory space. The handheld high performance analyzers is suitable for measuring standing wave ratio of cable, antenna and transmission line in field as well as reflection parameters of radio frequency and microwave parts in scientific research and teaching.

Key Features

  • Wide frequency range 1MHz to 4GHz, meeting the measurement requirements of most communication and radar equipment.
  • High measuring speed. The maximum measuring speed is 1ms/point which increases by 10 times compared with the last generation product, thus saving your measurement time.
  • Support extended memory. Internal memory enables storage of over 200 traces (it may be different depending on the number of measuring points); meanwhile the external USB memory is also supported to expand memory space.
  • Convenient connection with the computer. It is convenient to connect with the computer through USB interface to enable upload and download of traces in memory from computer.
  • Large-capacity battery may enable the unit to run for over 4 hours continuously.

Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR)

Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) and Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) have similar names, and both are used for measurement of transmission line. TDR sends excitation signal of DC pulse which can be used to measure the On/Off and off position of a cable but is insensitive to RF problems that may result in fault and performance degradation of RF communication equipment. FDR adopts sweep signal for measurement. By getting time domain specification through complex mathematical operation, it may detect sight performance degradation of RF in system so as to give timely maintenance, thereby saving high maintenance cost of damage due to delayed repair of RF cable.


Waveform Compare

In the process of line maintenance, it is very useful to compare measuring curves of the same line in different periods and that will help you find the variation of line health status and give timely maintenance.


Typical Applications

It is mainly used in the construction, line maintenance and emergency repair of communication systems and radar, etc. This portable transmission line and antenna analyzer can promptly measure the return lose, detect and accurately locate the fault point in cable link. And in the meanwhile, the measuring curves also can be downloaded to PC by using the tool software accompanied with the instrument, which is convenient for preparing report, filing and printing.


Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 1 MHz to 4 GHz
Frequency Accuracy ±2*10-6
Frequency Resolution 1 kHz
Measurement Parameters Standing-wave ratio, return loss, cable loss, impedance and DTF (fault location)
Effective Directivity >38 dB (<4 GHz)
Measuring Range of Return Loss Display 0.00 to 100.00 dB
Measuring Resolution of Return Loss 0.01 dB
Measuring Range of Standing Wave Ratio Display 1.00 to 65.00
Measuring Resolution of Standing Wave Ratio 0.01
DTF Measuring Range 0 (number of measuring points-1)*DTF measuring resolution
DTF Measuring Resolution 1.5*108*Vp / (F2-F1)
In which, Vp is the transmission factor of device under test, F1 is the start frequency, and F2 is the stop frequency
Measuring Speed Top speed is 1ms/frequency point
Number of Measuring Points 2 to 1,001 points
Operating Temp. -10 to +50 °C
Weight Approx. 2.5 kg

Order Information


Base unit: Portable Transmission Line and Antenna Analyzer (GAO A0070003)
Standard configuration


Item Description Quantity
Standard Accessories Power cord 1
AC-DC power adapter 1
Battery (built in main unit) 1
User’s Guide 1
CD 1



No. Description Remarks
1 Lithium ion battery Battery power
2 Calibration kit Test
3 Port extension cable Test
4 Soft bag Portable
5 Hard shipping case Package for transport

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