Radiation Meter with 5 Channel (3 Alarms, Data Record)




Key Features 

1.five independent measurement channels
2. built-in gamma, beta sensitive GM counters
3. measuring background radiation intensity for 10 seconds
4.when measuring beta radiation radial minus the gamma background automatically
5. average measurement results, it can be manually or automatically
6.can execute the default relative error of measurement
7.automatic adjustment of measurement range and time conversion
8.each radiation noise source function indicators measure found to events, and can be closed.
9. the setting alarm threshold will give alarm
10. alarm methods are sound or noise, vibration, and vibration
11.large digital LCD display with backlight
12.display unit of measure, at the same time and clock alarm threshold
13.ten video simulation indicates a radiation intensity scale
14.level 4 battery indicator
15.1200 groups of data may be stored
16. computer via bluetooth connection
17.high strength impact resistance of the shell structure, compact design
18.CE certification, and has been widely used in the army

Technical Specifications

Name Unit Standardized values according to the TD
Measurement range of photon-ionizing radiation EDR mSv/h 0.1-999.9
Main relative permissible error limits of gamma radiation EDR measurement with 0.95possibility % +/-(25+2/D),D- is a numerical value of EDR measurement in mSv/h
Measurement range of gamma radiation ED mSv 0.001-99.99
Main relative permissible error limits of gamma radiation ED measurement with 0.95%possibility % +/-15
Energy range of registered gamma radiation MeV 0.05-3.00
Energy response of the dosimeter readings at gamma radiation EDR and ED measurement in the energy range from0.05 to1.25MeV % +/-15
Beta-particles flux density range with possible evalution of surface contamination by beta radio nuclides Part./


Registered beta-particles energies range MeV 0.5-3.0
Time of continuous operation of the dosimeter from batteries(“Energizer”AAAx2of1280mA-h capacity)at natural background radiation,not less than hrs 2000
Dimensions of the dosimeter,not more than mm 2.16×1.02×4.7 in (55x26x120 )
Weight of the dosimeter,not more than kg 0.33 lbs.(0.15 )


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