Radiation Meter with Failure Detection (Geiger-Muller Count)




Key Features 

  • Large area digital LCD display backlight
  • Built-in gamma, beta sensitive Geiger-Muller counter
  • Simultaneously dose rate and cumulative dose measurement
  • Automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges
  • The maximum dose rate values keep function
  • Automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges
  • Automatic save dose value.
  • Programmable dose rate alarm and cumulative dose alarm threshold
  • Programmable voice, light and vibration  alarm  way
  • Battery voltage and low battery indication
  • Automatic failure detection function


Technical Specifications

1.Gamma radiation dose equivalent 0.01μSv-999.9mSv
2.Beta-particles surface radiation density 10-100 000;
3.Gamma radiation 0.05~3.0; ±25%MeV
4.Beta radiation 0.5~3.0;MeV
5.Temperature range  (-10~+50°C )14F~122F
6.Size 4.7×2.04×1.02 in (120x52x26(mm))
7.Weight 0.44 lbs.(0.2kg )


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