Radiation Meter with Failure Detection (Low Energy)




Key Features 

  • Digital LED display
  • Back Light Compensation
  • High sensitivity,can measuring environmental background
  • Audio and shake looking for and locating radiation source
  • Audio and shake alarm of exceeded programmed threshold levels
  • Programming of alarm threshold level relative to radiation dose rate and radiation dose
  • Programming of the four alarm models:audio,shake,audio and shake,mute
  • Low energy consumption
  • Display and alarm of electric quantity
  • Automatic fault detect


Technical Specifications

Radiation equivalent dose rate 0.01 µSv/h~50mSv/h
Radiation equivalent dose 0.00 µSv ~9999Sv
Energy ranges of measurement 40Kev~3.0Mev
Relative errors of energy dependence(137Cs) ≤±25%
Adjust able range of alarm threshold level relative to radiation dose rate 0.5 µSv/h -5mSv/h
Time of alarm dependence ≤6 sec
Power supply mode One CR123A size battery
Dimensions 3.93*2.3*1.02 in (100*60*26 mm)
Weight (0.19lbs.90g)


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