Sound Level Meter with Datalogger (Class 2, Single Range)



Key Features

  • Bargraph indication
  • Manual reading recording memory (99 points)
  • LCD recording readout (99 memory recording)
  • Auto power off
  • MAX/MIN function
  • Clock display
  • AC/DC signal output
  • IEC 61672-1 class 2

Technical Specifications

Level Range  30~130dB
Accuracy  ±1.4dB (ref 94dB@1KHz)
Frequency Weighting  A / C
Time Weighting  Fast, Slow
Frequency Range  20Hz to 8KHz
Microphone  Electret condenser microphone
Auxiliary Outputs  AC/DC Output
Battery  1.5V AA x 4
Dimensions  10.70 x 3.26 x 1.65 in(272 x 83 x 42mm)
Weight  0.85 lbs.(390g)


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