Sound Level Meter with Datalogger (Real Time Clock Reader)




GAOTek Sound Level Meter with real clock reading and has data logging capacity up to 129920 , sampaling rate of 20ms,500ms,1s,2s,5s,10s,60s.

Key Features

  • USB interface for easy setup and data download
  • 30 to 130db range
  • Datalagging capability up to 129920 records
  • Selectable data sampling rate: 20ms,500ms,1s,2s,5s,10s,60s
  • Records readings with real time clock
  • Two start methods: programmed or manual
  • 5” electret microphone
  • Includes 3.6V lithium battery, windows compatible software and windscreen

Technical Specifications

Range 30 to 130db
Frequency range 31.5 to 8kHz
Basic accuracy ±1.4db
Weighting A and C
Response time Fast(125ms/slow/1s)
Datalogging 129920 points
PC interface USB
Size 6.50in x 0.98in x 0.79in


Weight 0.19lbs  (86g)
Accessories 3.6V lithium battery,optical disk, manual and blister card


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