Sound Level Meter with Wide Frequency Range (Accurate)




Technical Specifications

 Measuring Range 30-130dB or 35-130dBc
 Accuracy +1.5dB
 Frequency range 31.5Hz-8.5KHz
Frequency weighting  A/C
Digital display 4 digits
Resolution 0.1dB
Sample rate 2times/second
Over indication OVER/UNDER
Ac Output 0.707Vrms at FS output impedance approx600ohm
 Dc OutPut 10mV/dB, output impedance approx100ohm
Time weight: FAST/SLOW
Microphone 1/2inch electrets condenser microphone
Function USB interface, SD memory card
Power Supply 1.5VAA alkaline or USD5V100mA
Power life  Abort 30 hours (alkaline battery)
Self calibration 4S
Operating condition  32~104F,10~80%RH
Storage condition 14~122F~80%RH
Weight 308g


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