Spectrophotometer with Auto Light Door (Accurate)



Key Features

  • RS232C interface is optional 100mm colorimetric stand
  • Suitable for power plants, waterworks and sugar refiner, etc.
  • Digital display the measuring value.
  • Auto light door and zero setting. The instrument adopts imported tungsten lamp, ensure its service life

Technical Specifications

Optical system: Czerny-turner CT grating monochromator, 1200/mm
Wavelength range: 350-1020 nm
Wavelength accuracy: +/- 3 nm
Wavelength repeatability: ≤1nm
Measurement range: 0-199.0%T, 0-1.999A, 0-1999C
Photometric accuracy: +/- 1.0%T
Photometric repeatability: 0.5%T
Spectral bandwidth: 6 nm
Measuring optical path: 100 mm
Stray light: <= 1.0%T (340 nm)
Stability: <= 0.004 A/h(500 nm preheat 1 hour)
Display modes: 4 LCD
Basic Measurement: T,A,C
Data output (print): RS232C
Light source: 6V10W
Operating voltage: 220V/110VAC,50-60Hz


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