Spectrophotometer with Grating Monochromator


Key Features

  • Transmission NIR: mainly used for liquid samples qualitative and quantitative analysis. Applies to gasoline, drinks, milk and other areas of nutrients, water chemistry and other physical properties of the rapid non-destructive analysis determination.
  • Single-channel whole spectrum scanning.
  • Easily updated.
  • Fast scan, wavelength calibrates time from 900nm to 1700nm in less than 2 minutes.
  • Built in SCM technology, auto 0% and auto background subtraction.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ≤1nm
Wavelength Scanning Interval 4nm or 8nm or 16 nm
Wavelength Range 900-1700nm
Absorbance Reproducibility 0.002A (at 0.4A)
Scanning Time ≤2mins

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