Spectrophotometer with High Accuracy (Auto Zero Setting)



Key Features

  • Automatically adjust to 0%,100%, simple in using T,A error-free conversion.
  • Printer controlled by microcomputer processor can be used for real-time records.
  • new monochromatic mechanism enable the apparatus more stable and reliable.
  • Large sample room to place 100mm cuvette, especially suitable for power plants, sugar mills for micro analysis

Technical Specifications

Optical system:CT grating monochromator
Wavelength range:195 nm – 1020nm
Wavelength accuracy:+/- 2 nm
Spectral bandwidth5 nm
Wavelength repeatability:1 nm
Stray light:<= 0.3%T @220nm
Photometric accuracy:+/- 0.5%T
Photometric repeatability:0.2%T
Stability:+/- 0.004 A/h @500nm
Work Pattern:T, A, C
Display area:0-200%T, -0.3-3A
Display modes:4 LCD
Zero settingautomatic
Weight:12 kg


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