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Surface Resistance Tester with Quick Response (Hi-Precise)
Surface Resistance Tester with Quick Response (Hi-Precise)

GAOTek Surface Resistance Tester with Quick Response (Hi-Precise)


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GAOTek Surface Resistance Tester with Quick Response (Hi-Precise) is designed to measure the resistance on object surface and the resistance to ground of an object to different static fields. It uses two parallel electrodes close to object surface to get the precise measurement of that object surface, to understand if the object is a conductor or a static material or an insulator. The device uses 9 V 6F22 batteries with the measuring range from 103 to 1012 Ω and a measuring precision of ± 10 % and comes with 3 modes to display the resistance value. The meter can also be used to measure the resistance to ground which is applied to the different static fields.

Key Features

  • Surface resistance test
  • Ambient temperature measuring
  • Temperature unit conversion
  • Data holding
  • Three modes to display resistance value of object surface or material property simultaneously
  • LCD backlight
  • Small hand held device; easy to operate

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range of Resistance 103 to 1012 Ω
Measuring Precision of Resistance ± 10 %
Response Time of Resistance Measurement 1 sec
Measuring Range of Temperature 32 °F ~ 122 °F (0 °C ~ 50 °C)
Precision of Temperature ± 3.6 °F (± 3.6 °C)
Power Supply 9 V 6F22 battery
Dimension 2.50 in x 1.22 in x 4.95 in (63.6 mm x 31 mm x 125.8 mm)
Weight 0.35 lbs (157.60 g)

Additional Information

  1. Key Operation
    : press this key to control LCD back light and press and hold this key to realise conversion of temperature unit
    HOLD: for holding the measured data
    : ON / OFF
  2. Operating Instructions
    1. After pressing to turn it on, normal measure interface and ambient temperature value shall be displayed on LCD
    2. By putting both the electrodes of the meter close to the material surface to be measured, the surface resistance value and its conductive property shall be displayed on the LCD after 1 sec indicating whether the measured material is a conductor, anti-static or insulator.
    3. Measuring resistance to ground: insert the ground wire into the earth jack at the front of the meter, with the other end of the ground wire being grounded. Keep right electrode of the meter close to the object surface to be measured. The resistance value displayed on the LCD is the value of resistance to the ground. (Do not make the left electrode touch the object surface at this time).
    4. Data holding: press the HOLD after the data is measured and the data will be held on LCD. Press HOLD again to exit data holding.
    5. Backlight control: press after start up and the backlight will be on. This will ease the measuring at the night. Press it again to turn of the backlight.
    6. Temperature unit conversion: press and hold after start up to realise conversion of temperature unit.
  3. LCD Display and Key function
    1. LCD full screen display – see figure 1

      1.      Conductor display
      2.      Anti-static material display
      3.      Insulating material display
      4.      Resistance value display
      5.      Temperature value
      6.      Data holding
      7.      Battery level
    2. Components – see figure 2

      A.  LCD display
      B.  LCD back-light and temperature conversion
      C.  Data Holding
      D.  ON / OFF
      E.   Jack of ground wire
      F.  Measuring electrode of surface resistance
      G. Battery door
    3. LCD reading
      1. 103 ~ 105 Ω conductor; 106 ~ 1011 Ω anti-static material; ≥ 1012 Ω insulating material
      2. The measured resistance being less than 103 Ω will be displayed as 103 Ω on LCD
      3. For example: the resistance reading the figure 3 is 102 Ω, 1.0 GΩ, the measured material is anti-static material.

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