Thickness Tester with 2 Calibration Mtds (Statistic Data)



Key Features 

  1. With both the magnetic and eddy current thickness method, as well as measuring the thickness of the magnetic non-magnetic coating on metal substrates can measure the non-magnetic again the thickness of the conductive coating on metal substrates;
  2. Two measuring methods: CONTINUE and SINGLE;
  3. Two working modes: direct mode and burst mode;
  4. With five statistics: MEAN,MAX,MIN,NOS.DEV;
  5. Two methods can be used together for calibration, basic calibration method and can be used to modify the system error of measuring head;
  6. With functions of storage in storage 500 observed value;
  7. Delete function: can delete the single suspicious measurement or the all storage data in order to start a new measurement;
  8. To set boundaries the measured value beyond the limit alarm automatically; And can be used histogram analysis of a batch of measurements;
  9. Have print function: can print measurement, statistics, limit, histogram;
  10. Can be communicated with a PC: Measurements, statistical values can be transmitted to the PC, so that the data can be further processed;
  11. With low supply voltage indication function;
  12. Operation works with beep prompt;
  13. Has the error function, through onscreen or beep error message;
  14. There are two shutdown modes: manual shutdown mode and automatic shutdown mode

Technical Specifications

 Lower limit of resolution(µm) 0.1um(0-100),1um(100-1250)
Display NO.  Background, the four books, according to two lines of statistics show
 Calibration  Manufacturer for the calibration, zero calibration, the calibration foil calibration
Display NO. One point calibration(µm) ±(3%H+1) ±(3%H+1.5) ±(3%H+1)±(3%H+1.5)
Two point calibration(µm) ±[(1~3%H)+1] ±[(1~3%H)+1.5]  ±[(1~3%H)+1]±[(1~3%H)+1.5]
Test Strip Minimum radius of curvature(µm)             Convexity 1.5mm,Camber concave 3mm
 Diameter of the minimum value(mm) Φ7 Φ5 Type FΦ7,Type NΦ5
Operating Environment Temperature:32F~104F(0℃-40℃)
   Without a strong magnetic field environment
Overall Dimension 5.7 x 2.5 x 1.1 in (147×65×30mm)


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