Thickness Tester with PC Communication (Error Function)



Key Features

  • Continuous and single measuring method
  • Direct and burst mode working modes
  • The two methods can be used together for calibration; the basic method can be used to modify the system error.
  • Could store up to 500 observed value
  • The delete function can delete unwanted measurement or all the storage before it starts a new measurement
  • Parameters can be set, and the alarm will sound when it passes beyond or bellow the parameters.
  • Print out function is available. Low supply indicator.
  • Manual shutdown and automatic shutdown mode

Technical Specifications

Measuring range 0~1250 µm
Lower limit of resolution(µm) 0.1um(0-100),1um(100-1250)
Calibration  Manufacturer for the calibration, zero calibration, the calibration foil calibration
One-point calibration(µm) ±(3%H+1) to ±(3%H+1) ±(3%H+1.5)
Two-point calibration(µm) ±[(1~3%H) +1] to ±[(1~3%H) +1] ±[(1~3%H) +1.5]
Minimum radius of curvature(µm) Convexity 1.5mm (0.06in), Camber concave 3mm(0.12in)
Critical thickness of substrate(mm)  0.3mm to 0.5mm (0.01 – 0.02in)
 Diameter of the minimum value(mm) Φ5 – Φ7
Temperature 0℃-40℃ (32°F -104°F)
Humidity 20%RH-90%RH
Overall Dimension 147×65×30 (5.8 x 2.5x 1.1 in)


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