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GAO Tek UHF Gen 2 RFID HID iClass Protocol Compatible Tag

ID: 116512tek

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The ultra high frequency RFID HID iClass* protocol compatible tag combines EPC Gen 2 UHF BAP tag and HID iClass HF tag in one single ID card. It operates over a frequency range of 860 MHz to 960 MHz and is compliant with ISO 18000-6 and EPC Class 3 Gen 2 protocols. It provides a long reading distance of up to 20 meters in free space and up to 5 meters on the human body. Data can be stored directly on the tag with lockable data protection. In addition, its IP68 protection rating ensures stable operation even under harsh surroundings.
*note: this is not an HID Global Corporation product

Key Features

  • Combines EPC Gen 2 UHF BAP tag and HID iClass HF tag in one single ID card
  • Long read range with over 20 meters in open space for Gen 2 UHF
  • Hands free operation with readability of 5 meters in shirt pocket.
  • Omni-directional tags that can be worn as badge or carried in pockets, purses, briefcases and billfolds.
  • Data storage directly on the tag with lockable data protection.
  • Printable card form factor with optional hole punch.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 85 x 54 x 2.3 mm
Read Range Gen 2 UHF 20 meters in free space (60 feet)
5 meters (16 feet) on human body
HID eProx HF 2.5cm
Operation Temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Operation Frequency 860 to 960 MHz
Environment Protection IP68
Standards EPC BAP UHF ISO 18000-6, EPC Class 3 Gen 2
HID iClass HF ISO 14443B, ISO 15693
Memory EPC BAP UHF 96 bit EPC ID, 64 bit TID, 720 bit User memory
HID iClass HF 2 kbit (256 byte)/16 kbit (2 kB)/32 kbit (4 kB) user memory
Optional Features Four color printing and hole punch

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