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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (Solid Waveform, Bulk Memory)
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (Solid Waveform, Bulk Memory)

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (Solid Waveform, Bulk Memory)




Key Features

  • The full screen functionenables the echo wave displaying area to cover the entire screen so that the operator will have the maximal view.
  • The solid waveform:add the waveform visual contrast and omission will hardly happen during the fast testing.
  • The bulk memorycan store up to 1000 data sets,including waveforms,curves,and parameters(including the traditional 1000 channels)
  • Through echo wave-echo wave thickness measurementthe zero calibration can be avoided, and the net thickness of the base material can be directly measured through the coating.
  • Wave Crest Memory:the real-time envelope can display the highest wave of the flaw and record the maximum value of the flaw to help the exact positioning and fast testing of the flaw as well as the qualitative analysis by the envelope waveform.
  • Automatic Gainautomatically adjust the gain to the pre-set amplitude height.
  • Warning Functionafferent echo/lost wave alarm
  • Real-time Clockautomatically record the date and time of the stored waveform.
  • Display Freezecatching the waveform and the sound path data at any moment and removing the hatch after freezing to measure the echo wave parameters.
  • Flaw Positioningreal time displaying sound path S、horizontal height X、depthY、and wave height H
  • Digital Inhibition:0-80%,increasing by 1%,not affecting the linearity and gain.

Technical Specifications

Working Frequency: (0.5-15)MHz
Sound Velocity (0.039 to 0.394) inch/µs
Resolution ≥32dB
Sensitivity allowance ≥55dB (0.787’’ deep Φ2 Flat-bottom hole)
Battery Working Hours: >8 hours
Dimension 10.63in x 7.48in x 2.36in


Weight 4.41lbs  (2Kg)


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