Ultrasonic Flaw Detector With Echo (Anti-Interference)




GAOTek ultrasonic flaw detector with echo envelop enables to detect the flaw and position located with anti-interference.

Key Features

  • Communicate with the computer, the realization of computer data management.
  • Well you can export Excel format, A4 paper inspection report.
  • Can be upgraded instrumentation system using the PC end of the communication software.
  • High performance environmental safety of lithium battery can work continuously 10 hours.
  • IP65 standard aluminum magnesium alloy shell, durable, waterproof and dustproof, anti-interference ability is excellent.
  • Large screen super bright display, adjustable brightness, suitable for light, weak light environment.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range 1.0~15000m
Resolution ≥ 40dB


Horizontal linear error


≤ 0.1%


Flaw detection sensitivity ≥ 62dB (deep 200mm φ 2 flat-bottomed



Dynamic range ≥ 32dB


Frequency range 0.5 ~ 20 (MHz)


Gain control (dB):


0 ~ 130


Material velocity:(m/s)


100 ~ 2000
Echo suppression 0 ~ 80%


240mm × 180mm × 50mm


Weight 4.18lbs (1.8kg)

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