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Ultrasonic Flow Meter with Built-In Totalizer (High Accuracy)
Ultrasonic Flow Meter with Built-In Totalizer (High Accuracy)

Ultrasonic Flow Meter with Built-In Totalizer (High Accuracy)


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The Vibration Meter with Piezoelectric Accelerometer (Speed) has been manufactured with patented technologies and is equipped with more functions and advanced performance than previous versions. The new version retains most of the excellent features and functions of the previous versions. Functions include the pulse measurement technology, the ultrasonic igniting and the small signal receiving of circuits.

The main improvements are made on the battery supply circuit and on the transmitting circuits. All other circuits are simply integrated into this new version without major modifications. The Vibration Meter with Piezoelectric Accelerometer (Speed) has been upgraded to surpass previous models.

The hardware features simple operation use, high accuracy and outstanding reliability, while the software provides a very user friendly interface with many functions. The flow meter employs the patented balanced lower voltage multi-pulse igniting circuit which increases the anti-interference ability magnificently, so that the flow meter will work in demanding industrial environments such as those with power frequency transverses nearby.

Key Features

  • 5% of linearity
  • Bilingual interface in Chinese and English
  • Patented balanced lower-voltage multi-pulse ultrasonic igniting circuit
  • 100 Pico-second resolution of time measurement
  • 2% of repeatability
  • 4 flow totalizers
  • Built-in date totalizers
  • Built-in data-logger
  • 5 second totalizing period
  • The signal receiving circuits feature self-adapting performance so as to ensure that the user can easily operate the instrument without any adjustments
  • The built-in rechargeable Ni-H battery can work continuously for more than 12 hours without recharge

Technical Specifications

Linearity 0.5%
Repeatability 0.2%
Accuracy ±1% of reading at rates>0.2 mps
Response Time 0-999 seconds, user-configurable
Velocity ±32 m/s
Pipe Size 0.78-236.22 in (20mm-6000mm)
Rate Units Meter, Feet, Cubic Meter, Liter, Cubic Feet, USA Gallon, Imperial Gallon, Oil Barrel, USA Liquid Barrel, Imperial Liquid Barrel, Million USA Gallons. User configurable.
Totalizer 7-digit totals for net, positive and negative flow respectively
Liquid Types Virtually all liquids
Security Setup values Modification Lockout. Access code needs unlocking
Display 4×16 English letters
Communication Interface RS-232C, baud-rate: from 75 to 57600. Protocol made by the manufacturer and compatible with that of the FUJI ultrasonic flow meter. User protocols can be made on enquiry.
Transducers Model M1 for standard, other 3 models for optional
Transducer Cord Length Standard 2×10 meters, optional 2x 500 meters
Power Supply 3 AAA Ni-H built-in batteries. When fully recharged it will last over 10 hours of operation.
100V-240VAC for the charger
Data Logger Built-in data logger can store over 2000 lines of data
Manual Totalizer 7-digit press-key-to-go totalizer for calibration
Housing Material ABS
Case Size 3.9x 2.6 x 0.78in (100x66x20mm)
Handset Weight 514g (1.2 lbs.) with batteries

How To Use

Indicators on the display make it simple to know when you are receiving reliable results:

  • When ‘R’ is displayed in the lowest right corner of the LCD display, the instrument is working properly.
  • If an ‘H’ flashes on display, there could be poor signal received.
  • If an ‘I’ is displayed, it means that there is no signal detected.

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