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Underground Pipes Water Leak Detector w Accurate Detection
Underground Pipes Water Leak Detector w Accurate Detection

GAOTek Underground Pipes Water Leak Detector with Accurate Detection


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GAOTek Underground Pipes Water Leak Detector with Accurate Detection is designed using digital signal processing technology to detect the ambient noise interference. It is equipped with large LCD screen, electricity meter, vibration sensor and about 16 kinds of frequency selective method. It provides the Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-mh) battery that works continuously more than 20 hours. This instrument is used for checking the base station, museums, libraries, underground pipe, warehouse, machine room, and the industrial field in important places such as real-time leakage detection.

Key Features 

  • The device could overcome the accurate detection of ambient noise interference.
  • Measurement parameters automatically distinguish between ambient noise and leakage noise signal, intuitive operator determines leakage doubt.
  • Digital signal processing technology.
  • LCD screen
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 16 kinds of frequency selective method

Technical Specifications

Screen 2.7 in x 1.5 in (70 mm×40 mm) LCD
Supply Power 6×1.2 V rechargeable battery
Dimension 17.7 in x 12.2 in x 5.59 in (450 mm×310 mm×142 mm)
Weight About 15.4 lbs (7 kg)
Operating Temperature 14 °F ~ 122 °F (-10 °C ~ +50 °C)
Storage Temperature 14 °F ~ 158 °F (-10 °C ~ +70 °C)

Additional Information

Standard Accessories:

  • GAOTek Underground Pipes Water Leak Detector with Accurate Detection – 1 piece
  • Vibration sensor – 1 piece
  • Earphone – 1 piece
  • Charger – 1 piece
  • Handheld aluminium alloy package box – 1 piece

Configuration and Connection

Main Host (Amplifier):5.90 in×2.75 in×4.56 in, 1.91 lbs (150 mm×70 mm×116 mm, 870 g), four buttons to choose frequency, 16 kinds of frequency selective method. Ni-Mh recharged battery pack built in, also you could insert external backup battery from the left side of charge.

Vibration Sensor: with a handheld switch, insert in the charge which is on the right of the host, connect with amplifier (weight 1.32 lbs, 600 g).

Leaking Earphone: insert to the charge which is on the right of the host, connect with amplifier (weight 0.70 lbs, 320 g).

Charger: 2.16 in×1.77 in×2.20 in (55 mm×45 mm×56 mm): 220 V voltage, insert to the charge jack which is on the left of the host (weight 0.46 lbs, 210 g).

Package: Handheld aluminium alloy box.

Operation Panel

  1. Electricity meter – 100 μ A dynamic display, the external dynamic impact would be prevented.
  2. Ultrasonic filtering (frequency button) – Total 4 buttons, when no button is pressed down, the frequency is 100 Hz status. From left down to right upper, press down the button one by one, the frequency will move from 100 Hz to 2000 Hz, total there are 16 kinds of compound mode.
  3. Voice button – Under the different detect condition, to adjust the voice to let ear hear frequency.
  4. Power button – The red one is the power button, the green one is the lightshows button.
  5. Lightshows button could be pressed down only after the power button is pressed, otherwise, the button will have no effect. When any signal cannot make light row all shows, this means that the host needs to be recharged.

Insert Jack Connection Method

  1. Vibration Sensor – Insert to the jack which is on the low right of the host, and tighten the nut.
  2. Earphone – Insert to the jack which is on the top right of the host.

Battery Charger Method

This instrument has been equipped with a battery, connect the charger to the host, input 220 V voltage, then the light of charger turns red, this means that the instrument is charging. Charge for about 10 hours-12 hours. The battery is Ni-Mh battery pack, without memory effect. It can work for more than 20 hours if charged fully.

Inspection before operation

The instrument should be checked before measurement to avoid temporary problems. Please connect the vibration sensor, earphone, and main host together. Press down the power button and lightshows button. Take the earphone, adjust the enlarge knob to the mid-place, and keep the vibration sensor on the ground, graze near the ground with their feet, to observe the light dynamic and electric meter can dynamic full gear, listen to the sound from earphone to determine if it is normal or not. If the light in the foot brushes the ground under the large vibration of the not full display, there is the need to recharge.

Leak Detect General Method

On the road along the pipeline to detect leak point method, take the host (amplifier) and headphones, and also adjust the voice (volume) to a comfortable condition. As picture shows, A point is the upper place of leak point, B is the leak gradient ramp, C point is the leak site. Put the vibration sensor near the ground, and walk along the ground, leak frequency will transfer to voice that you would hear from the earphone. And at the same time, the ultrasonic filtering from the meter will accurately confirm the leak site.


  • Do not let the main host touch any water.
  • Do not take apart the instrument at random.
  • Do not vibrate strongly, especially the vibration sensor.
  • Do not put the instrument under strong sunshine or high-temperature place for a long time.
  • The instrument should be put in the package box correctly.

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